Download PUBG game for unsupported devices, to every Android phone owner who wants to play the PUBG Mobile game and cannot because his phone’s capabilities are weak, and the phone is unable to open the PUBG game, we will present the solution in today’s article titled Download the PUBG game For unsupported devices.

It is worth noting that this sentence or message that appears when opening the PUBG game from an unsupported device, “Your device is not supported at this time, but it will be included at a later time, and this is what we will present in today’s article, how to download the PUBG game for unsupported or weak devices.

Where the game developers or the game company Tencent games released another version of the PUBG Mobile game for weak devices, for Android phones only and not all iPhones, in addition to a solution to the problem of an unsupported device at the moment, which will be explained below in today’s article.

PUBG Mobile Lite

The name of the game is PUBG Mobile Lite, which can be played on all Android phones, and before proceeding to explain the method, we will answer some questions first.

What is the solution to the problem of your unsupported device in the PUBG Mobile game?

1- For those who have the minimum required specifications mentioned previously, and this was mentioned in the topic of solving the problems of the PUBG Mobile game, where you will change the name and model of the phone to another phone that is supported by the PUBG game.

2- Download the lighter version of the game PUBG Mobile which is PUBG Lite.

Download PUBG game for unsupported devices
Download PUBG game for unsupported devices

What is the reason for the problem of not supporting your device in the PUBG game?

The reason is that the specifications of your Android phone do not comply with the specifications required to run the PUBG Mobile game, which are:

  • Android 5.1 or 4.0 on some phones, but not all.
  • Storage capacity of at least 16 GB.
  • There will be a size of 2 GB for “random access” memory.
  • Medium graphic processor.

What is the difference between PUBG Lite and the original version?

In order for everyone to be able to play the PUBG Mobile game on weak devices, it requires:

  • Reduced graphics in the Lite version compared to the original game, which, of course, has a higher graphics level.
  • Reducing the size of maps to two kilometers in length and two kilometers in width to reduce their area and reduce the specifications required to operate them without cutting or chopping.
  • Reducing the number of players in the map from 100 as known to only 40 players in proportion to the size of the minimap.
  • Due to the small size of the map and the number of players, the match time will not exceed 10 minutes.

Thus, the majority of phones with storage space as small as 16 GB, with weak processor specifications and low RAM, will be able to run the game PUBG Lite Android 4.0.3.

But this does not mean that you will not enjoy the game as in the original PUBG Mobile Lite version, as it still works with the same graphics engine, which is Unreal Engine 4 that is used in the Xbox, PC, and Playstation 4 version like we will.

When was PUBG Lite released for Android phones?

The game was released by Tencent Games on the seventh of 2018, but as an experiment only in the Philippines and Brazil, and no other country will be able to download and play the game through the Google Play Store.

So the game is officially released to all countries in the global version as it is in PUBG Mobile.

But don’t worry, there is a way around that for sure!

Download PUBG game for unsupported devices
Download PUBG game for unsupported devices

When will the global version of PUBG Lite be launched in all countries?

At the moment, the game was officially released in India last February, while the rest of the countries are still waiting for the release of the light game to have.

So we will do some simple ways to run the game in our Arab world without having to wait.

Can I play with a friend who owns the full version of PUBG and not the PUBG Lite version?

Unfortunately, Lite version players will not be able to play with anyone who owns the full version of PUBG, so your friends must download the same version so they can play together.

How to download PUBG Lite on Android Phones?

  • Download and install APKpure Store, which is a trusted store like Google Play for Android apps and games.
  • Search for PUBG Mobile Lite in the Apkpure Store, then click Download, and the game will be installed automatically after the download completes.
  • Do not rush to play the game now. Wait, there are steps that you need to do first.
  • Now we will need a VPN app to change your country to the Philippines by connecting to a Filipino server.

Can PUBG Lite be played without a VPN app?

  • Of course, this can be done by changing the DNS of the phone’s Wi-Fi connection to Filipino DNS or Filipino server, which is a better way than using a VPN.
  • Download the DNS Changer app.
  • From the app, click on the dropdown menu at the top and select Custom DNS.
  • In the two blank boxes below, type in the first cell, and in the second cell type
  • Click start to change your DNS for the Philippines.
  • Run the game and you will see that it is working properly.

Can PUBG Lite be downloaded and played on iPhone?

Unfortunately, this is not possible, as the iPhone’s iOS system prevents any apps from being downloaded outside of the official store.

To play the game on iPhone, you need to have iPhone 5S or later with iOS 9 or higher.

Download the PUBG game for unsupported devices

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