Download PUBG game for computer and Android, the size of the game may be somewhat large, but compared to the excitement and advantages of the game it becomes modest, the installation file is 674 MB, which is an abbreviation for the phrase “unknown player’s battlegrounds” download.

It surpassed many competition computer games, even modern GTA games and others, a complete game that includes hundreds of missions and long adventures, which require several months in order to reach the final stages, many aspects and aspects that won the admiration and satisfaction of the players, most notably the accuracy of the graphics and the realism of the sounds.

A multiplayer game online on the Internet, with individual modes of play in offline mode, all the excitement and suspense you are looking forward to after you download the PUBG game for Android for free, has been rated one of the best open-world games, which I do not know about it is one of the most modes of play A preference by simulation games fans.

Download the PUBG game for the computer

Download PUBG game for computer and Android
Download PUBG game for computer and Android

Engage in group battles with a group of people online, in a team against a team of the most ferocious and violent, the number of members for the team is always equal, which makes the chances of winning equal, each group has special clothes and explanatory signs that show the team to which they belong.

Of course, a map of the location is available, use it to fully explore the road, after downloading the PUBG game for free, you will find all the help you need to complete the missions successfully.

Choose your favorite character and start the adventure, many characters, including men and women, each them has special advantages and characteristics that you know yourself, many different signs and icons appear on the screen, each icon clarifies a specific matter.

For example, the rectangle that appears inside the number of enemies you have killed, as well as the remaining number of your team and opponent players.

PUBG game for Android

After downloading the PUBG game for Android, specifically in the battles, the control is by touching the screen, on the right side several icons of them have a specific function, a command to shoot and round the goal, which makes it easier for you to eliminate your enemies, try to shoot at the head as one of the great strategies in wars, an option to change the weapon And another to refill the treasury of bullets.

Also a set of buttons to jump high and to crawl on the ground so as not to draw the attention of your enemies, and of course the fire button, you can communicate with others through the secret chat window, you have all the freedom to move and go in the direction you want.

It is also available after downloading the PUBG game for free. Driving any car you find on the road, and walking it around and in the streets of cities, until you quickly reach the places where the operations are carried out. Many countries and continents of the world.

Download the PUBG game for Android

Download PUBG game for computer and Android
Download PUBG game for computer and Android

An impressive assortment of combat and mission areas, tropical forests, barren desert, city streets, and deserted cities, each with different special roads and paths with different designs and large areas

All this so that you get the diversity and regeneration that you are looking forward to, in situations of danger and gathering a large number of enemies around you, use one of the bombs in your possession, until you get rid of a large group of them with each bomb, use the appropriate and effective weapon with each situation.

Try to discover the enemy’s weaknesses and play on them, you can change the control method from within the settings and choose the appropriate graphics resolution with the capabilities of your phone or computer.

PUBG game download features for the computer

  • Multiple difficulty levels and game modes.
  • Entering into direct confrontation with the online game system.

Download the PUBG game for computer and Android

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