Top 10 android phones in 2021, choosing a new mobile phone with strong specifications and an affordable price has become very difficult because the mobile phone market has become very saturated in all price categories with many companies and more versions, which makes you stand in a big confusion and the biggest confusion is always where to get On the phone at an affordable price and with a reliable and reliable warranty?!

Well, dear reader, do not worry because today we will present to you the Top 10 android phones in 2021 with high specifications 2021.

This article is a guide to buying mobiles inexpensively and with high specifications, you will not regret choosing one of them.

In addition to that, all the phones that exist today will be presented to you from the Amazon website with its various local and international branches, and this is because the Amazon site is the most guaranteed site in this field or from trusted merchants through the Ali Express website, which provides distinctive shipping services at special prices for products.

Top 10 android phones in 2021

1- Xiaomi phone T10

Top 10 android phones in 2021
Top 10 android phones in 2021

It is no secret that Xiaomi has become one of the best mobile phone manufacturers in the past period and that it has also managed to make a special niche for itself apart from all other phone manufacturers.

2- iPhone SE 2020

Do not let the shape of this old phone fool you, despite the appearance of the phone very close to the shape of the old iPhone 8, but it offers capabilities and performance like modern phones, although it is in the category of cheap phones.

IPhone SE 2020 comes at half the price of the iPhone 11, but with the same processor and the same single camera that comes in its older siblings, that is, it comes with a camera without optical zoom with excellent storage spaces.

3- Galaxy M31

This phone comes to settle significantly in the category of slightly cheap or medium-priced phones, but nevertheless, it offers a set of features that make it able to compete with the most expensive and expensive phones in 2021.

The phone comes with a gigantic battery of 6000 mAh, which means that you get a very long performance without needing to charge the phone for more than 30 hours, in addition to a distinctive and very large 6.5-inch screen and an acceptable camera.

4- Oneplus Nord phone

In the past, Oneplus was known for its flagship phones for the Flagship, and this means that it was offering phones at a premium and low price, but with a pioneering performance with the same giant corporate processor that it issues in its phones, but this change today, so the company offers flagship phones at leading prices.

Oneplus Nord is its return to the world of low-priced, high-performance phones, as it offers unique performance in its class at a low price and is very convenient with more than the excellent screen, in addition, to support for distinctive and unique 5G networks.

5- Galaxy A51

From my personal point of view, this phone is the best phone offered by Samsung in the last period of its life, in addition to its previous brother A50, which comes with an average processor but with a distinctive giant screen and strong and excellent camera performance.

During some tests for the Galaxy A51, the phone got more than 19 hours of operation on a single charge, in addition to the camera performance, as I said, as it is distinguished and very powerful, unlike what the slightly low phone price suggests.

Top 10 android phones in 2021
Top 10 android phones in 2021

6- Realme 6i phone

This phone is the best battery-life phone that you can find among the list of cheap phones, the phone comes with a 5000 mAh battery, which is a large size for any battery of all standards and overcame a lot of tests on it and was able to reach more than 20 hours of continuous operation in addition to the distinctive fast charging.

7- Redmi Note 8 Pro

Although this phone was released last year, it is still very distinctive and offers outstanding performance this year, especially with its price adjustment, which makes it more suitable for different price groups and users.

In the beginning, you should know that it is one of the best phones with batteries since last year without any sacrifices in the quality of the screen or the performance of the distinctive and powerful phone thanks to the Helio G90T processor.

8- Mi 9t phone

When this phone was first released it made a very big sensation because it was offering distinctive specifications and capabilities in exchange for a very special price in addition to a screen that was competing with the leading phones and was one of the first screens that were issued with a pop-up camera from inside the device.

The device may seem out of competition these days, but in fact, the screen, the distinctive camera, and the fingerprint under the screen make the phone present at the heart of the competition and very suitable with all the current conditions of the users.

9- Redmi Note 9 Pro

The most important feature of this phone is the extremely powerful screen that comes with support

for HDR10 technology with a central processor that is very suitable for games, add to this a powerful

, versatile camera that performs very well in many situations and a very fast charging of approximately

30 watts, which makes the phone have more default battery life Excellent and more than suitable also in all different levels.

10- Note 10 Lite

The phone comes with a large and leading 6.7-inch screen with very excellent and very pioneering

colors in addition to the powerful Exynos 9810 processor that makes the phone’s performance close

to the large version.

In addition, the phone comes with three rear cameras that are very similar in performance

to the Note 10 and Note 10 plus with the distinctive stylus that distinguishes the Note series and

makes many users search for it and want to buy it specifically.

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