Is it possible to unlock the stolen iPhone? IPhone devices are characterized by their high privacy and difficulty in penetrating or breaking into their protected data, with high-quality protection mechanisms, even if they are lost or stolen.

However, hackers always have their own ways to gain access to the most secret places and unlock devices marked with the best protection.

This article answers the question: Can a stolen iPhone be unlocked? It lists ways to retrieve a stolen or lost iPhone, and steps to follow when unable to retrieve a stolen iPhone.

Is it possible to unlock the stolen iPhone?

It is true, a stolen iPhone can be unlocked despite Apple’s high-security feature to protect its products from the risks of infiltration or theft.

But it must be known that the task of unlocking the stolen iPhone is not that easy, but rather requires people who are skilled in accessing what is inside the device, knowing that unlocking the stolen iPhone may lose the device some features, and all the data on it is most likely.

Is it possible to unlock the stolen iPhone
Is it possible to unlock the stolen iPhone

Ways to unlock stolen iPhone

There are several ways that iPhone device thieves use to unlock it and enjoy its features, including:

Through the Find My iPhone program

Some unlock stolen iPhones with passwords or an iCloud through the Find My iPhone bypasses program, which uses methods to bypass iCloud accounts and passwords.

However, this program disables the task of making phone calls and other things. Note that it is not a free program, but rather it must be purchased in order to use it.

Some people are able to unlock a stolen iPhone through the device’s serial number and send it to specialists who perform certain encryption operations that enable them to unlock the device and use it again.

Knowing the password of the stolen device in advance, as well as its iCloud, and logging into the device easily.

Steps to recover a stolen or lost iPhone

Some people may lose or steal their iPhone, iPad, or iPod devices, and their private information and data may be vulnerable to hacking.

The following are the steps that must be followed when one of these devices is lost or stolen in order to retrieve it:

By using the Find My iPhone feature

The following steps can be followed if the feature to find the device was activated before it was stolen, by using the “locate” application that protects the device and enhances its retrieval. This is done by the following steps:

  • Log in to on a web browser, or through the “Find My iPhone” application on another Apple device.
  • Open the “Find My” application or go to and then click “Find” iPhone.
  • Choose a device to display the location on the map, and if there is more than one device associated with the account, the lost account must be determined.
  • The location of the lost iPhone will appear on the map, but if it is online.
  • In the event that the device appears soon, you can ask to play the sound or click on Play Sound so that the device makes a loud sound to help find it.

Some people may not know how to run the “locate” application on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod. The following are steps in order to know how to run the application before the device is lost or stolen:

Is it possible to unlock the stolen iPhone
Is it possible to unlock the stolen iPhone
  • Open Settings on the iPhone.
  • Click on the username.
  • Click on the “select location” tab.
  • Turn on Share My Location if the user wants to share the site with family or friends.
  • Click on “find device” and activate the feature.
  • You can activate the “Enable Offline Finding” service in order to know the location of the device when it is offline.

With Lost Mode

This feature is located inside the Find My iPhone feature, and it is one of the features that is characterized by the iPhone that has the ability to retrieve the iPhone when stolen.

This feature allows the owner of the stolen iPhone, after activating it, to do the following:

  • The device is marked as lost, and the device will be locked remotely with a passcode.
  • It will be possible to activate the passcode if it was not already activated.
  • It would be possible to track the location of the device and disable the ability to make payments with Apple Pay.
  • The device will stop displaying any alerts on the screen or sounding when notifications are received.

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