Types spectrum mobile – activate, most computers and electronic devices have different forms of USB ports built into them in the motherboard or they are added to it with external cards sometimes, which we use in order to connect different devices with it.

For example, we can connect a mouse, keyboard, printer, etc. to our computer easily through these ports, which are the most common today, and many computer users prefer to use USB ports.

Spectrum mobile – activate

These ports are characterized by a lot of multiple features such as high speed and support for a large number of devices in addition to the ability to supply power through them and other great features.

It is worth noting that USB ports have several different types in terms of speed and features that they offer in addition to a slight difference in shape.

The three letters composing the USB repair are an abbreviation for Universal Serial Bus, meaning the universal serial bus, and it first appeared and began to be used in 1990 in order to unify the connection of various accessories by disconnecting the computer to the computer itself through the USB ports.

Types spectrum mobile - activate
Types spectrum mobile – activate

Of course, we had to be reminded of the different USB ports on the computer, but our topic today will be about the types of USB cables and how to choose among the best and most suitable for us of course, despite the presence of many different types of USB cables.

And since these cables are universal in circulation and use, some will ask why this diversity then and why these cables are not uniform, the answer is, dear reader, that each type of these cables has a different function and usage from the other.

Mainly to maintain compatibility when the latest devices with the best specifications are launched, here are the most common and widely used types of USB cables.

Types spectrum mobile – activate

Type- one

Most of the computer cables and the most widespread are of the Type-A type, which has one end to connect to the devices or a unified connection end, and the type of these cables are for computer keyboards, as well as a mouse or mouse.

Usually, computers or personal computers have USB ports of this type, and many other technological devices, power adapters, or chargers have A-type cables that are used either to transfer data or in the process of charging energy to it.

The second type:

It takes the shape of a square at the end of the connection to the devices, and examples of these cables that

use this type are the cables for the printers and they are connected to the computer in order to connect them.

And other powered devices that connect to the computer as well, such as the housing unit and others, but

of course this type of USB cable is less commonly used than Type-A cables.

Types spectrum mobile - activate
Types spectrum mobile – activate

The third type:

Or mini USB cables and this type is widely used with phones from the older versions than the currently existing ones.

This type of cable is also widely used with digital imaging devices such as cameras, and there are two types:


Fourth type:

It is currently the smallest among all types of USB cables in terms of size and end of the connection,

and that is why it was called Micro-USB and is currently used in general with most types of smartphones

as a means of communication and data transfer and also in charging energy except for those that work

with the Apple system.

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