Minecraft abandoned village, the original Minecraft game came in a new way that no other games will ever remain, and we are today in our Games for Computer site.

We will address all aspects of the Minecraft game, the game has reaped a lot of downloads on Android, more than 50 million downloads, and this is what made it a popular game Very in our Arab world.

The Minecraft game developers have made it very similar to the lived reality in the world of crime, where you will choose the lifestyle you want without restrictions and conditions.

Minecraft is a non-free game, and what we will present at the end of the article is only a trial version of the game, but nevertheless, it has all the features of the paid version.

So let’s get to know more about Minecraft abandoned village and how to download the original Minecraft for free for the computer with a direct link.

Minecraft abandoned village
Minecraft abandoned village

Download the original Minecraft for free for the computer

Minecraft PC game download is largely based on the build, which is only clear by the name.

Where you will dig in the ground to collect building materials and build a site where you can hide from the bad guys and also so that you can survive in the game, and you also have to collect diamonds in the game, which is the lifeblood of Minecraft game.

You will also have to dig anywhere you can think of in order to survive and survive in the Minecraft abandoned village.

Also, you have to collect all the necessary tools that you will need while playing the game Minecraft well.

We mention from these tools, both food and drink, and the tools with which you will face the enemies so that you can overcome all kinds of conditions that you may face in Minecraft well.

How to run and download Minecraft for the computer

  • First of all, you have to download the game through the Minecraft download link for the computer below the article.
  • Install the game in the way it is known and used, like any other program or game.
  • In the legal phase, you must be connected to the Internet in order to install all the missing files within the game.
  • After installation, click on Start to start playing Minecraft easily.
  • Now you must register because it is necessary in order to continue playing and you can do so through the site.
  • Now enjoy playing on your computer and you can share the game with all your friends around the world.
Minecraft abandoned village
Minecraft abandoned village

Requirements to run Minecraft on the computer

  • Processor: Intel Pentium D or AMD Athlon 64 (K8) 2.6 GHz.
  • RAM: 2 Gigabyte RAM.
  • Video Card: Video Card Intel HD Graphics or AMD support OpenGL: 2.1.
  • Memory: Hard Disk 200 Megabyte.
  • Operating System: Compatible with all Windows systems.

Minecraft game features:

  • High graphics and attractive colors make you feel like you are on the construction site.
  • Enjoy your time a lot because one role requires a lot of time.
  • The ability to share friends in the game feature allows you to make new friends from all over the world.
  • The game gives you more than one system to play, ranging in ease between medium and very difficult, and you have the freedom to choose between them.
  • Increase your spirit of challenge by speeding up survival mode to collect food for the hero of the game until you save him from death if you run out of the hearts of the life bar.

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