How to slow mo on Snapchat, a very popular Snapchat app with easy sharing and editing of photos and videos.

And many people are unaware that it is possible to reverse a video clip that is recorded on the Snapchat application, through a built-in filter with the program. This filter is always available, even if you are not connected to the Internet, and the filter can play any video backward.

How to slow mo on Snapchat

Here’s how to use this filter on the Snapchat app for Android and iPhone devices

1- Open the Snapchat application on the camera screen, and start recording a video by pressing the button in the center of the screen.

2- Once you’ve captured the video, swipe to find the reverse filter effect. The easiest way to find this filter is to swipe to the left.

And when you reach it, the filter will briefly display three arrows pointing to the left.

3- After applying the filter, you can easily send the video to others instantly, or save it using the down arrow icon.

Or, you can add more filters to the video by clicking on the icon on the left that looks like three squares stacked on top of each other.

How to slow mo on Snapchat
How to slow mo on Snapchat

Snapchat update supports 3D Touch and brings the feature to speed up and slow down the video

How to slow mo on Snapchat Today, Snapchat launched a new update for its popular iOS app, as the update brings major new features that will contribute to adding a lot of fun to the app’s users.

The first feature, without a doubt, is 3D Touch support for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus devices. With a long press, you can explore several options and shortcuts that speed up some tasks.

Snapchat also added new filters, the first is the “rabbit” filter to speed up the video, the second is the “snail” filter for slow video playback, or what is known as Slow Motion. The third filter is dedicated to reversing the video to play it from end to start.

How to slow mo on Snapchat
How to slow mo on Snapchat

Slow mo on Snapchat

The update begins to actually reach users now, and if you are an iOS user, you can go to the Apple Store and download the update with the new features.

But if you are an Android user, you should wait for the update to be launched via the Google Play Store in the coming hours.

The Snapchat service provided a new update to its application that brings with it some new filters, which allow the user to have three filters that allow fast, slow, or reverse video recordings for Android and iOS users.

The user can activate the filters option if he is not activated by going to “Setting” inside the application and then the “Manage” option under the “Additional Services” tab.

After that, activate the “Filters” option, thus he will be able to take advantage of the old and new Snapchat filters.

In order to take advantage of the new filters, the user must record a video, not just take a picture.

After that, you can scroll from right to left to switch between the available filters, so that the new filters appear at the end, which makes the video distinctive and entertaining, whether it is slowed down, speeded up, or reversed.

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