How to learn photography for beginners, photography is the art concerned with photography that aims to convey a message or capture a landscape or scene in a beautiful and meaningful artistic template, and it can be done in two ways; Photocopy (chemical) or digital imaging.

How to learn photography for beginners

1- Photography:

Also called perspective or photographic photography, it is the process of producing images of a landscape using light effects. Whereas, the rays reflected from the scene create an imagination inside a light-sensitive material in the camera, and this material is then processed, resulting in an image that represents the desired scene.

2- Digital Photography:

It is a form of optical imaging that uses digital technology to process images without chemical processing.

As digital images can be processed, stored, shared, and printed, it is not considered a substitute for traditional film photography, as it is a completely different technology and has another independent science.

The advantage of digital imaging over optical is the low cost in addition to the speed of capturing events and the speed of ensuring the integrity and quality of the image before printing, and the ability to modify it with different special programs.

Modern cameras are easy to use, multipurpose, and have many features. And to take beautiful and professional photos does not necessarily mean that you have an expensive camera and photo accessories, but rather it depends on how to use the camera features available to you and follow some simple tips, and be careful before photographing.

How to learn photography for beginners
How to learn photography for beginners

How to become a professional photographer ten steps?

The goal of the picture:

Before raising the camera by hand and pressing the shutter button, you must first think about what the purpose of shooting is. Is it, for example, a tree in a forest, a person on the side of a road, or a specific building? The thing to be portrayed is what is important in the image and must be observed.

Image splitting:

Professional photographers divide their images into three or nine parts by drawing two vertical lines and two horizontal lines.

And they usually place the subject to be photographed in the lower two-thirds of the image, and most likely on the right or left side, not in the center of the image, as many think.

Image Depth Dividing:

Some photographers also divide the depth of the image into three sections. Foreground, middle, and background. And they take care of them meticulously by changing the zoom of the lenses.


Many photographers forget the background image, which greatly affects the quality of the photo.

For example, photographing a beautiful bird in front of a dilapidated house neglects the main subject of the picture and makes the viewer focus on the dilapidated house and not on the beautiful bird. Avoid photographing backgrounds that are multi-colored, blurry, or otherwise pretty.


The most common problem facing photographers is the correct lighting of a photo. If the sun is bright, it is better to stand in a place where the lighting is appropriate for the picture or to stand aside and not in front of the sun or in a place of its shadow.

In the evening, it is preferable to use an external flash or direct the existing lighting, so that the lighting is focused on the subject to be photographed.

How to learn photography for beginners
How to learn photography for beginners

Use the appropriate lenses:

Here, the personal experience succeeds in the appropriate choice, so it is preferable not to put the camera in the automatic shooting feature and control the lenses or change it and try its features personally.

Shooting angle:

Before shooting, think about the appropriate shooting angle. The shooting angle affects the message and purpose of the image. Try to shoot from high, low, or from a distance.

Image Quality:

Also, try shooting portraits or landscapes. A tall tower is preferable to be photographed in a vertical manner, as opposed to landscapes, which are preferred to be depicted in a horizontal manner.

The picture tells a story:

The picture not only documents a historical moment but rather tells the story of this moment without words. Pick the right moment to shoot to document a story or event.

For example, when a fan cries because of the loss of his team, the picture tells the story of

grief for the fan and the loss of his team, not the person himself or the location of the shoot.

Personal experience is your way to professionalism:

No picture is perfect. Photograph the objects or subjects to be photographed in their own

way without the need to take care of their appearance or change their colors, and try to

experiment with all the features of the camera with different photos and places.

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