How to play Among us, if you like mobile games, you must have heard by now about Among Us, a game that became popular overnight and more and more players started playing it, to the point where it exceeded the maximum number of PUBG Mobile players for a while.

Now, there are several reasons for its popularity, and the main one we can think of is the gameplay which is very different from games like PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile.

So, if you are new to the game and looking to play it with your friends, then the following topic can be really helpful for you.

Among Us: History & Story

Among Us is not an entirely new game, the game has been around since June 2018, however, it has taken 2 years for the game to become hugely popular.

The game was developed by American game studio InnerSloth and it is a multiplayer online game that takes place in a space theme setting where players are supposed to recognize fraudsters who are members of their spaceship crew.

The number of fraudsters is predetermined in the game, but the puzzle lies in identifying them through the built-in chat and voting system, expelling them from the spaceship, and ending up saving the entire ship.

How to play Among us
How to play Among us

Among Us: pallets available

Among Us is only available on iOS, Android, and Steam, and no game console port information is currently available.

The developer said that the game currently does not come with a built-in voice chat system, and players are supposed to rely on a keyboard to chat with other players in the game, which could be a problem with consoles.

Among Us: How to start playing

Playing this game is not as complicated as it seems maybe because it is an old-looking interface, however, once you download the game.

All you have to do is join an online room and start playing or create one and make it public so that other players can join it.

You can also keep it private, share the join code with friends, and ask them to join.

Among Us: Play

Gameplay is basic. There is a crew of 4 to 10 players, where room creators can choose how many crooks they want between 1 to 3, Among us on mac and the more crooks, the more complex the game.

All players are supposed to complete the tasks assigned to them and the fraudsters will have to work with them to prove that they are not scammers and save themselves from being caught.

Now, the fraudsters are also supposed to sabotage and kill other players one by one.

How to play Among us
How to play Among us

How to play Among us

At the start of the game, players are randomly assigned to a Crew or Imposter group with a message.

And if you are a crew member, you are supposed to complete missions and help other players catch the impostors without the impostors killing them.

And if you are a hustler, you have more important things to do like sabotage and kill crew members and make sure not to get caught.

Fraudsters also have other capabilities like navigating through channels, and they can see in the dark and more.

But how does the game end?

Among us steam, there are four possible game endings. Let’s check them one by one:

  • Imposter win: Fraudsters kill all other players without getting caught.
  • Impostor Win: Failed to Stop Sabotaging.
  • Or Crew Win: All assigned missions completed.
  • Crew win: All fraudsters are arrested and expelled from the ship.

Also, there are meetings in the game, any player, including the fraudster, can call the meetings and talk to each other about the ongoing activities or who the suspected fraudster is.

There are two types of meetings in the game – when a corpse is found and the emergency button is pressed, and after the meeting, players have the right to vote, and the player who gets the most votes is executed.

Among Us: Additional advice

Is among us free Download Discord because it makes the whole gameplay more fun You can actually discuss situations using voice instead of writing.

However, make sure that the audio meetings are well supervised, but if you are a fraud, try to show them that you helped others complete the task or that you were the person who reported the recent killing, etc., and basically tries to appear more convincing to gain the trust of the other players.

If you are a crew member and watch all suspicious activity happening around you, try to remember the player who is always present at the crime scene or someone who is always absent from the crime scene.

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