Pubg look up, Krafton, which owns the popular fighting game PUBG, has started receiving pre-registration requests from the Google Play Store.

For the latest Battle Royale game, which topped Google search indicators after it was announced under the title New State.

According to “india to day”, PUBG: New State comes as a free trial to play for Android and iOS devices.

To break the traditional barrier that has spread among players of the original version over the past three years, when PUBG Mobile was launched, in 2017.

And the old strategy will likely change with PUBG: New State, which offers a wide variety of games including PUBG and Fortinite.

At least as far as many of the elements that provide the best battle royale experience, Pubg look up here are five information about PUBG: New State:

Pubg look up

1. According to the description of the company “Krafton” on the Google Play Store

PUBG: New State, set in the year 2051, “chaos reigns as many factions fight with each other”, echoing the stories of the apocalypse that take place in many Hollywood movies.

Pubg look up
Pubg look up

2. PUBG:

New State game, created around the survival of 100 players who are supposed to participate in the battle until one player or one team remains in the game, has been optimized for the blue area to shrink it faster.

Forcing players to run for weapons, vehicles, and consumables to “gain the upper hand”, there will be a “Lone Survivor” title in the game which will be awarded to the last player or team.

3. The biggest addition to New State

It is the drones and deployable combat menus in the game that will refresh the gameplay for players who need to stay longer in the game.

Because of these new things, Pubg look up, the battle royale mode will see major changes to the gameplay.

4. New State has a new map called Troi

With massive 8×8 km open worlds with tons of vehicles spawning in both Classic and Arcade modes players will also be able to customize their weapons mid-game.

Providing more customization options and bending the battle royale rules even further,

the new battlefield gives them the opportunity to discover how the universe has evolved.

Pubg look up
Pubg look up

5. New State is developed by PUBG Studios

Which owns Player unknown’s Battlegrounds original IP and is part of Krafton, headquartered in South Korea.

Also developed for the computer versions of the popular fighting Best game, Pubg look up,

but the mobile version was developed by Tencent.

One of the largest technology companies in China and this was the main reason for banning

the smartphone version in India.

but with Krafton as the developer and publisher of PUBG: New State, there are some possibilities

that this version may reach India first.

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