How find my iPhone, finding a stolen iPhone is of course the first thing the user will strive to achieve when his iPhone is lost or stolen before thinking of buying a new one, as it is not easy to lose your phone, which has cost hundreds of dollars.

What will happen to your data stored on this phone that a thief or whoever finds the phone may see, undoubtedly, it will be a very sad situation.

If you were already exposed to this situation, here are 4 steps that you must take after the stolen iPhone to protect your personal data.


The next steps require the lost phone to be online, but in case if Offline these steps will take effect the next time the phone is connected to the Internet.

How find my iPhone – How to find my iPhone

1- Finding a stolen iPhone using the Find My iPhone feature

The Find My iPhone feature is part of the iCloud account, and it will often be a reason to find a stolen iPhone, as it allows you to track the phone on the map via GPS.

If the Find My iPhone feature is enabled on the phone, take the following steps so that you can know its location:

How find my iPhone
How find my iPhone
  • Go to from any computer browser, or use the Find My iPhone app on any other iPhone or iPad.
  • Enter your iCloud account information to log in.
  • If more than one device is associated with the account, select the lost device.
  • You will see the location of your lost iPhone on the map (if it is connected to the Internet).
  • You can go to this site to find it.
  • Or if the device is nearby, press the Play Sound button to make a loud sound from the phone to help find it easily.

2- Activate Lost Mode

Lost Mode is a feature inside the Find My iPhone feature that will protect your personal data as well as provide a greater opportunity to find a stolen iPhone again.

What happens after activating Lost Mode?

  • The possibility of activating the passcode if not activated before.
  • Display a custom message on the phone screen.
  • Add another phone number so that Find My Phone can contact you.
  • No alerts are displayed on the screen or sound when notifications are received.
  • If you add credit cards to Apple Pay, any payment will be suspended until the loss status is canceled.

To activate Lost Mode, follow these steps:

  • Go to on any Mac or PC.
  • Log in with your iCloud account.
  • Identify a lost or stolen phone.
  • Hit the Lost Mode button.
  • You will be asked to enter the lock code to confirm or create a new lock code if the phone is not protected.
  • Type the phone number that you want the person to find to call you.
  • Click Next.
  • Type the text of the message that you want to appear on the screen with the number.
  • Press the Done button.
  • Thus, Lost Mode was activated in your lost phone.

3- Erase all data from iPhone

In the event that you knew the location of the phone but found you to retrieve it again, it is better for you to delete all personal data from the phone that no one can see until you restore the iPhone again, which is an important step to protect your information and maintain your privacy.

You can do this after following the following steps:

  • Go to on any Mac or PC.
  • Log in with your iCloud account.
  • Identify a lost or stolen phone.
  • Press the Erase iPhone button.
  • Then enter the Apple ID password.
  • Click the Erase button.
  • Thus, any data related to you on the phone will be eliminated, starting from photos, videos, messages, contacts … etc.
How find my iPhone
How find my iPhone

4- Change the passwords for your accounts

After you lose your phone, you will be obligated to secure your accounts and data that contain sensitive and important information about you and associated with this phone.

In the event that the Find My iPhone feature is not activated on your phone so that you can track it and find it or find a stolen iPhone, you will need to follow the following steps that will help you protect your data:

Change Apple ID Password:

Doing so will prevent anyone from accessing iCloud account data or associated services such as iMessage or iTunes.

And that is after logging in with your Apple ID through, then going to the Security section, then clicking on Change Password, typing the current password once and the new password twice, then clicking on the Change Password button to confirm.

Change the password of your other accounts:

Like email service password, Facebook account, Twitter, Instagram..and other accounts related to your business or that contain sensitive and important information about you.

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How to find my iPhone

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