Windows 10 x download, Windows 10 is an operating system released by Microsoft for personal computers, tablets, embedded devices, and the Internet.

The company released Windows 10 in July 2015 as a follow-up to Windows 8, and the company said it would update Windows 10 permanently instead of releasing a fully new operating system as it had previously done.

Windows 10 x , after the introduction of the new Microsoft system, it achieved great spread thanks to the many new features that were included in this new system.

Also, many previous Windows systems such as Windows 7 and Windows have directly upgraded to the new Windows 10 system.

Windows 10 x download

The most important feature that came in the new system is to restore the Windows 8 Start Menu, so download Windows 10 to its capabilities.

The system search process was also very advanced and distinctive, in addition to the incorporation of a new browser, which is the Edge browser, which is not the usual Windows Internet Explorer browser.

In addition to this, Cortana has been added, which provides a range of services such as the Google service now, and there are many other benefits that come built into this new system.

Windows 10 x download
Windows 10 x download

Features of the latest Windows 10 update (Windows 10 1909)

Unlike the smaller, routine updates that Windows Ten gets throughout the year, Microsoft offers the OS two major annual fixes – once in the spring and again in the fall when new features are added.

The latest Windows 10 update that is now available to everyone is Windows 10 version 1909, Windows 10 version 1909 is smaller in scope than previous updates of its kind.

Instead of the huge adjustments to the user interface or the basic features that used to happen

on Windows 10 every six months.

Windows 10 1909 enhances many pre-existing applications and tools with new functionality.

Like additional options to manage app notifications, easier calendar editing shortcuts, it paves the

way for third-party better AI helper integration on Windows 10 “64-bit, 32-bit”.

But this is just a small selection of the different updates that users can expect, here are all the

major changes in Windows 10 version 1909:

New notification settings and shortcuts

Most of the Windows 1909 changes relate to how the operating system allows users to manage

notifications for their own applications and applications, including:

  • New “Manage Notifications” shortcut in the Action Center (which opens by clicking the small dialog box icon at the bottom right of the Windows taskbar).
  • Individual system notifications will now include a clickable link that takes you directly to that specific app’s notification settings.
  • New options on the ‘Notifications settings’ page to mute apps individually or all at once.
  • There are also new icons for the specific notification types in the settings menu.

New quick event creation tools for Windows 10 Calendar

The other major change in Windows 10 1909 is the Windows Calendar app, you can now

add events directly to the Quick Access Calendar without having to open the main Calendar app, here’s how:

  • Click the date and time on the taskbar to open the quick access calendar view.
  • Click a date to start adding an event.
  • The quickly create tools allow you to name and rate events and add times and locations.
  • A new shortcut has been added to open the main Calendar app to the Quick Access Calendar.
Windows 10 x download
Windows 10 x download

How to view hidden system files in Windows 10 Final Edition

  • File Explorer in Windows 10 2021 does not display all files by default, File Explorer hides many system files (OS files) with default settings.
  • for example, desktop.ini, fiberfill. sys, and pagefile. sys are hidden by default.
  • Although, hiding operating system files is a good idea to ensure that users don’t accidentally delete them (Windows doesn’t allow you to delete system files easily).
  • Sometimes you may want to view protected operating system files.
  • For example, you might want to know how much space fiberfill.sys (hidden by default) is using on your computer.
  • To view hidden system files, you need to configure File Explorer to show protected operating system files and hidden files under Folder Options.

Other changes in Windows 10 version 1909

In addition to helpful notifications and calendar shortcuts, users will also notice some

other helpful changes after installing the version 1909 update:

  • The File Explorer search tool has been updated and is now supported online, which means it will now include OneDrive files in search results.
  • it will also perform a quick search, with potential matches displayed in the dropdown menu below the search bar (although you can still perform the search) The full classic by simply pressing “enter.”)
  • Hovering over the Start menu sidebar shortcuts (such as the Settings icon) displays more helpful tip text.
  • You can now voice control third-party AI assistants from the lock screen.
  • or it will be possible at least once you enable third-party assistants to do so, despite rumors that Alexa is adding support soon.
  • Assistants and Narrator Accessibility can now tell if a Function Key (“FN”) is pressed on the devices that contain it.
  • Improved battery life and power efficiency for some devices.
  • Some other technical changes for enterprise users.

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