Method of photography for beginners, the real key to you in order to grow as a photographer is to dedicate yourself to photography.

And you will only be able to do this if you really love photography and want from the bottom of your heart to be a photographer, and if you don’t have the passion for that then you will not be a good photographer.

There are many things to consider in order to start your journey in photography as effectively as possible, and in this article, we offer you 4 tips for beginners to learn photography.

Method of photography for beginners

1- Dealing with light

When you start learning how to photograph and how to become a good photographer, it seems obvious to tell you that learning to use a camera is your logical first step.

However, thinking this way can actually confuse you, as the camera is just a tool that has the ability to take pictures (record light).

When you start learning photography, the first thing you should think about is the light, not the camera, and think about what time of day are we right now?

How strong is the light and in what direction does it come from? Is the weather sunny or cloudy? Is it soft light, soft white, or smaller light? Is the sun in front of you, or behind you? Where are the sources of artificial light and what are the colors that these sources give?

This is the first thing you should think about before you take any photo so that you are always aware of how to shoot under your circumstances.

Light is the main effect on the pictures you take, which always determines your camera settings. If you can understand the light, you will be able to understand the settings. You will not be able to adjust your camera settings unless you understand the nature of the light surrounding the place you want to photograph.

Method of photography for beginners
Method of photography for beginners

2- Learn to adjust camera settings

Once you have assessed the light and the environment around you and figured out how you want the image to look, then it is time to think about the camera settings.

For example, do you want the image to appear sharp, or do you want the background to be separated from the subject? What is the shooting angle that you want to reach? Do you want the image to look light or dark?

With that in mind, changing your settings to achieve the desired effect, it feels like you have to put in a lot of work just to take one photo.

However, if you shoot this way, then eventually you will get great photos and you will become a great photographer.

It is just like learning basketball or golf, so doing it the right way may make you feel unnatural and strange at first.

But eventually, it will learn naturally and quickly with practice, but of course, you have to spend some time at first to focus on these things.

Lots of photographers put the camera in automatic mode. This is not wrong and you can do it at first, but if you really want to become a professional photographer then you have to learn to set the camera yourself.

Many photographers pride themselves on knowing how to set their cameras in manual mode.

You can experiment with your settings depending on the type of camera, for example, you can experiment with shooting one image with different apertures.

Until you reach the desired result, and you can also try to set the ISO and shutter speed (shutter speed) yourself until you get a clear picture and at the same time there is no freckle or noise, and so on.

Method of photography for beginners
Method of photography for beginners

3- Create an image

Now is the time to think about how to compose a photo, some new photographers tend to have a bad habit – that when they see something interesting and want to photograph it, they quickly move in for a photo.

Sometimes this step is the only way to get the shot, but until you get a good picture, it takes some time until you get the correct composition and your image appears in the best possible image, and this is the difference between a regular shot and a work of art.

If you see an interesting scene, you need to think about how the photo will be taken so it looks better, and where is the best place to stand while you shoot?

And can you include other elements of the scene to create more complex compositions? The difference between a normal photo and a great one can be that you move your foot slightly to the left.

4- Colors

Color (or lack of color) is a very important component of photography. You should look at colors and study how they work colors together, and what do the different colors symbolize?

Do you add or decrease color in the image? Should you render the image black and white? Or should it be kept in color? This is one of the first questions a photographer thinks about when trying to edit his or her photo.

What color quality is coming from the light? Is it a cool (soft) color or a warm (yellowish) color?

In addition to thinking about color while shooting, you will find yourself greatly improved in your ability to manipulate colors while editing and revising.

You can modify your image with one of the editing programs and see the different results and see if you want a soft or warm image, and do you want to make the image-saturated with color? Or normal colors?

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