Learn photography for beginners, while documenting moments through photography has become a concern of many, their first and last concern.

And all our moments and diaries of our lives have become documented with pictures and through the lenses of the cameras that are everywhere and the first in each of our pockets.

The subject of learning the art of taking a distinctive image has become a necessary thing for many to document the different moments of their lives.

Therefore, this article is directed to everyone who seeks to teach and master photography, in order to learn through it a set of methods and means that help in learning this field and bring it to an advanced level that enables us to take a good and distinct photo that proves our skill and our ability to use the camera.

Learn photography for beginners

Learn to use the camera

Photo cameras of all kinds and shapes have many different settings, features, buttons, and different shooting modes.

It is absolutely necessary for an experienced person to know the correct use of the camera and to reach the use position that suits the subject matter.

So knowing how to use a camera is an essential first step for those looking for ways to teach and master photography.

There are three main things you should know about your camera first, which are the aperture, shutter speed, and ISO level.

Learn photography for beginners
Learn photography for beginners

These are the things that help the photographer to obtain the correct image, the appropriate degree of lighting, the level of good focus, and thus a distinctive professional image.

There are many things that help you to know about the camera and how to use it, depending on the type of camera and its features.

Newer cameras like DSLR cameras and movie cameras usually contain a lot of features, features, and settings that a photographer must deal with professionally.

Less modern cameras, such as cell phone cameras and compact digital cameras, usually contain fewer features and settings and offer automatic control of the shooting mode.

Which types of cameras can you learn a lot about through user manuals, educational videos on the Internet, reading articles and topics related to photography, cameras, and more.

Photography workshops

Because of the nature of the world that around us has become and the importance of images and photography in the digital age.

In which we have become documenting everything with the cameras’ lenses, including events, celebrations, events, and various events, everyone needs to be photographed in any of the fields and fields.

Therefore, we always find workshops on photography held in different places and destinations and targeting different people interested in this field.

For the purpose of teaching photography and mastering it, and thus more photography and more documentation.

If you search around the city or region in which you reside, you will inevitably find many workshops of this kind, often in the form of a practical application for using the camera and taking pictures.

Participate in one of these workshops and you will learn a lot, especially since photography is not an area that is difficult to learn, but rather a little practice brings a lot of benefits.

E-learning courses

In the event that you do not have enough time to participate in any of the workshops or cannot afford the costs of those workshops.

You can use e-learning courses, many of which are completely free of charge.

Plus a lot of resources from where you can start your photography education.

We had talked in a previous topic about a group of sources for learning photography that suit all levels, you can refer to this article to know more about these sources and choose what suits you best.

Learn photography for beginners
Learn photography for beginners

Join photographers’ clubs

Learning from people with experience and competence in the field is one of the best educational methods at all, whether in the field of photography or otherwise.

For each field, there are clubs, groups, and events organized in which the owners and experts of this field meet.

Which may be in the form of events, events, or periodic meetings taking place in a place, or communication groups on any of the social media platforms.

 You can search for and join such clubs, and you will get a lot of benefits, and you will learn from the experiences of others and their experiences and get valuable advice that is not easy to get in other places and groups.

This is in addition to the discussions that take place and the various events organized by these clubs and groups that target people like you who are interested in photography.


If you are seeking to learn and master photography in the best way, practice and practice, which can be in many ways and forms.

Like accompanying an experienced photographer on his various photography tours and thus learning from him, you can work as an assistant to a photographer and thus teach photography through him.

You can take pictures yourself and then show them to experienced photographers to get reviews of your work and hence feedback and instructions for taking better photos next time.

Watch educational videos

With the Internet, it is not difficult to learn anything, and photography is one of these things that we can learn through the videos spread on popular sites such as YouTube.

If we only do some research, we will find a lot of videos that talk about different aspects of photography and explain different characteristics and settings, whether about cameras, shooting modes, or even modifying images on any of the photo editing programs.

Carry your camera with you

Without the availability of a camera, all the previous steps we have mentioned will not be useful, as you may attend the best photography workshops.

And you get the best educational courses, but carrying a camera and taking the right photo is the goal and main goal of all of that.

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