Advantages of electronic marketing, marketing depends on thinking about the product or project in relation to the needs of the customer and how to satisfy him.

The main goal of marketing is to convince the customer of the product to reach the buying stage by convincing the customer of his need to buy the product and the size of the benefit that will accrue to him from using the product.

This means that the advantages of e-marketing are endless, yet e-marketing has eyes as well. In this article, learn about the advantages and disadvantages of e-marketing with us.

What’s the online marketing

Advantages of electronic marketing
Advantages of electronic marketing

Marketing is defined as the process of delivering the product to the customer at the right time and in the right place.

This means in our day that the marketer needs to meet with customers in the place where they spend most of their time.

There is no doubt that this place is the Internet, as the marketer is responsible for using electronic channels to build brand awareness and consolidate its existence.

E-marketing is considered an essential marketing method as a result of its advantages, and

despite its popularity, some still refer to e-marketing as digital marketing, and this is a mistake with different concepts.

Some people know marketing as a set of scientific rules and guidelines aimed at achieving

the desired goal, which is sales.

While others insist that marketing is an art and a talent that exists in the individual even if he is not educated.

Electronic marketing

Marketing is also defined more broadly as a science that is concerned with ways of knowing

customers’ needs and desires and methods of providing products.

Services to them in a manner that suits them, taking into account the quality and price in

what achieves profit and customer satisfaction

Also, marketing, apart from being a science, is an art in how to recognize consumer desires

and how to satisfy them.

An art in providing goods and services in a way that suits a wide range of clients.

The difference between e-marketing and digital marketing

Digital marketing is often referred to as e-marketing or network marketing, and this is

a mistake as the two concepts are different.

On the one hand, it is believed that digital marketing includes only social media ads, SEO, and pay-per-click.

This definition is very narrow in scope because digital marketing also includes electronic

mail, podcast (radio), fax and video broadcasts, blogs, wireless text messages, and instant messaging.

Yeah! Digital marketing has a very wide scope, and on the other hand, e-marketing deals

with mobile applications, websites, social media, mobile marketing, and content marketing.

Hence, some refer to internet marketing using the term “digital marketing”.

All this does not object to the classification of e-marketing as a branch of digital marketing,

as digital marketing is a comprehensive and general term that includes the concept of internet marketing.

Advantages of electronic marketing

  • E-marketing ensures targeting a specific audience, or the so-called “target audience,” in an easier and more efficient way.
  • Marketing is the key to reducing your marketing budget and getting better results at the same time.
  • E-marketing provides data and information about the product through advertising and writing about the product’s features.
  • This information spreads easily on the Internet due to the strong spread of the Internet and the increase in the number of its users every day.
  • This type of marketing allows to greatly increase the number of customers and marketing transactions due to the widespread of the Internet.
  • E-marketing provides the factors of convenience and freedom for both the seller and the buyer in making the decision to buy or sell.
  • Many companies that have stores all over the world tend to provide this service, such as Carrefour and McDonald’s. These companies also provide special offers to buy only from their sites to increase the number of buyers with the online store.
  • E-marketing facilitates the process of communicating with customers.
  • Customers communicate with companies by e-mail or social networking sites, which guarantees a speedy response and speedy completion of the purchase process.
  • E-marketing provides a follow-up to customer opinions, as it may encourage other customers to buy the product.
  • Social media and corporate websites deny it provides an opportunity to write a customer’s opinion.

Disadvantages of electronic marketing

  • Some groups may not be interested in buying online, and thus the likelihood that they will not follow your claims is high.
  • Therefore, you should pay attention to both traditional marketing and e-marketing to ensure you are among all categories.
  • You guarantee your product, but you can only guarantee your product.
  • Deception exists on the Internet in abundance, and customers have many bad experiences of delusional companies that are online.
  • This means the possibility of distrusting your product if you market it via the Internet because they do not trust other shell companies.
  • Non-confidentiality of transactions on the Internet because it is possible for a hacker to take customer information.
  • Some credit card data was stolen via internet transactions.
  • This means that customers will not make a purchase online and will prefer to complete the purchases in the shops.
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