What are the benefits of a smart home? With the beginning of the spread of the term smart home technology these days, and a lot of questions about this technology.

And after everything that has turned us towards the use of modern technologies and smart home technology is not a new technology emerging.

But it was vague for many people, especially our Arab world, so the prevailing belief was that smart home technology is the preserve of the rich because it carries high costs.

As well as the presence of many technical complexities that are needed to equip a home that depends on smart electronic tools.

But with the advancement of technology, it has become possible to convert your home into a smart home easily and with little money, which made many people recently turning to this smart technology.

Smart technology has been considered an essential and necessary part of the new homes they want to live in.

Therefore, smart home technologies have become a prerequisite for many people, and therefore we will talk about everything related to smart homes.

What is a smart home?

A smart home is a residential building, usually a modern or new one, and is equipped with the necessary technological tools that help the owners of these homes to control many modern home appliances.

benefits of a smart home
benefits of a smart home

This depends on technology and these devices are many at home, by pressing a button or giving a command from the control device that you own.

If the homeowner is outside and wants to turn on the home alarm, adjust the home temperature, turn off the TV, and other adjustments, he can do so through smart home technology.

As we mentioned earlier, people’s reluctance to accept this idea was due to high costs as well as technological complications.

But with the advancement of technology, its multiplicity, and its low prices due to competition, people can now easily be reached, even if the house is not built in modern ways.

What are the benefits of a smart home?

1- Reducing costs and spending:

 Smart home technology is not used in entertainment alone, but primarily in reducing electricity, water, and fuel usage costs.

This is done by rationalizing consumption, as this technology can enable this technology, through

technological tools used in the home, for example, separating all energy sources when leaving the

house, closing the heater, or reducing lighting if it is not needed.

2- Environmentally friendly technology:

 The lifestyle inside the smart home is environmentally friendly, reducing the use of energy, fuel, or

water through this technology, which reduces environmental pollution when using normal patterns

of energy consumption.

3- The life development of some patients:

 The entry of smart home technology into some homes whose owners are people with difficult diseases

or people with special needs helps them develop a life for themselves by issuing voice commands that

are responded to through this technology.

benefits of a smart home
benefits of a smart home

People’s fear of smart home

Smart home technology security

The adoption of smart home technology on the Internet in which personal data is used to register is what

made some people fearful of switching to this technology.

Insecurity in using this technology appeared after the theft of many bank accounts through the Internet.

Also, the use of surveillance cameras inside and outside the home shifted from the safety of living inside

the smart home to the fear of them after the spread of video clips taken from such cameras on the Internet.

The high cost of smart home technology

 As we mentioned earlier, competition and development have made this technology accessible to everyone,

in addition to this technology being energy efficient.

The efficiency of smart home technology devices

 This is one of the reasons why many people are reluctant to use this technology.

Their belief in the lack of quality of smart devices and the possibility of damage or replacement when newer

devices and higher capabilities appear, as happens in smartphones.

Failure to fully develop it

The lack of widespread availability of these smart systems is to undergo continuous tests and development,

in addition to the fact that this technology has not been developed to be used for all languages ​​spread around

the world, which makes its use difficult or impractical for some peoples and in some countries.

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