Smart home that relies on artificial intelligence, the smart home relies on artificial intelligence is one of the most important inventions of the current era.

And it provides great amenities for users, and devices that depend on them can be installed in a simple way, whether it is before construction or even after construction.

In this article, we will explain what is a smart home and the most important benefits of a smart home.

As well as the most important devices that must be available in your home and depend on artificial intelligence.

What is a smart home?

The term smart home is used to describe the compact home living environment equipped with network-based sensors, artificial intelligence.

Other devices that can coordinate our actions to offer us easy-to-use solutions.

Previously, the cost of a smart home was very high and not widespread because of that cost.

But now the cost has become affordable for most of the middle classes, and homeowners all over the country are seeking to upgrade their homes.

The smart home is fully designed to provide its users with complete comfort as well as the highest levels of safety and protection at home.

Whether you are inside or outside the home, as well as providing you with multiple amenities.

Smart home that relies on artificial intelligence
Smart home that relies on artificial intelligence

What are the most important benefits of a smart home:

But we have clarified the definition of a smart home sufficiently, and now we will touch upon another point.

Which is the most important benefits of this home and the reasons that make you want to transform your traditional home into a smart home.

The most important benefit of a smart home is your home security:

One of the best benefits of smart home systems is to facilitate automatic door locking by means of a system based on artificial intelligence.

You can lock your doors with the click of your finger as well as open them while you are in the car and close the doors behind your children remotely.

Smart doors also increase the safety of your home by giving you a notification on your phone when someone tries to approach the door or try to push or open the door.

Likewise, most smart doors do not need traditional keys that can fall from you, but you need your fingerprint or a protected card that can change its code if you lose it.

Also, there are smart surveillance cameras that help you, as they are placed inside and outside the home in order to secure your home.

Also send you a notification on your phone when you find a suspicious movement around your home or when someone approaches a certain extent that you set up in your system.

Smart home contents

The smart home has the main alarms:

Home systems contain ultra-sensitive sensors that sense any leakage that occurs inside your home, whether it is gas or smoke resulting from a fire, and these sensors illuminate you with a red flash when you sense danger and then automatically illuminate for you a way out of the house safely.

It also has alarms that work when you feel the presence of a strange movement inside the house, and you can also activate it by the tone of your voice.

So you automatically call the security agency in your country and lock the doors near you to secure you, as well as the doors of the house.

Reducing consumed electricity costs:

Smart home devices always save energy and electricity consumed in the home, such as smart light bulbs that turn off automatically when no one is in the room.

The smart thermostat also adjusts the temperature inside the house accurately and saves the high adaptation cost.

The smart thermostat manufacturer says that the smart thermostat saves 23% of the adjustment cost.

Provides you with the utmost comfort in your home:

The smart home provides you with the utmost convenience because all your electrical appliances will be under your control and you can control it from anywhere remotely.

Also, all your electrical devices can be set to the frequency of your voice, so that you can lock or unlock doors and lamps without moving from your place with only your voice.

You can also play specific music, the latest news, sports results, today’s important matches

and many more without making any effort.

What are the most important smart home products?

There are many smart home products in the market now, but at this point, we will list the most important products that

should be in your home.

Smart home that relies on artificial intelligence
artificial intelligence

Smart Speakers:

Smart speakers are one of the most important smart home products, and these speakers are based on Google Home or

Amazon Echo technology.

These amplifiers are linked with all smart devices so that you can control these devices through voice commands.

The Arlo Pro camera is one of the most secure smart home devices:

People who want more home protection need wireless cameras that they can place almost anywhere.

Arlo Pro wireless cameras are designed for both indoor and outdoor use and include night vision and two-way audio support to

scare off an intruder.

These gadgets allow you to watch live video broadcasts from anywhere at home, or you

can watch up to seven days of video recorded on your smartphone.

Best smart smoke alarms and alarms:

The Nest Thermostat from Nest’s smart home appliances division provides great protection from smoke and fire in the home.

It sounds alarms when it senses smoke or carbon monoxide in your home.

And they don’t only alert you if you have a fire or if carbon monoxide is filling your home.

You can even connect the Nest Thermostat via Google Assistant and it automatically shuts

off your heating equipment in the event of such accidents.

Ecobee4 best smart thermostat:

The Ecobee4 smart thermostat should help you save money on your electricity bills.

Company says it can save you up to 23 percent annually on your electricity bills.

And Ecobee4 comes with a separate room sensor that can measure the room temperature so when people are in the room.

The sensor reports the thermostat and adjusts the temperature to the appropriate temperature.

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