How to find my iPhone, is your iPhone and iPad stolen or lost ?! Here are the methods available to find and retrieve it, even if it is locked.

In addition to the security measures in the event that you cannot retrieve it, and in general, if a password or fingerprint is set, you do not need to worry about what is inside, no matter what happens, and for more details, here are 3 ways to find the lost iPhone and iPad.

Know the location of the stolen or lost iPhone and iPad if the Find My iPhone feature is activated

Prevention is also said to be better than cure.

How can I find the last location of my iPhone?

  1. Log in to your Apple account to use the iPhone recovery service, using any computer next to you or a MacBook.
  2. Or you can download the Find My iPhone app for Apple when there is another iPhone or iPad available, and both methods serve the same purpose.
  3. After logging in to the application or site, choose the phone you want to search for and it is linked to your account of course before.
  4. Then display its location on the map at the current time and check whether it is near you. You can play a specific alert sound to be able to recognize its location or for a pedestrian to notice him, for example, if he is far from you.
  5. In the event that the iPhone is far from you and you do not want to draw attention to it, activate the Lost Mode, which allows you to lock the phone with a password regardless of the fingerprint, and write a message to display it on the screen such as calling you when finding the phone and displaying the phone number.
  6. The most important thing is to track the phone when it was online and the last place it was before closing the Internet connection.
  7. How to find my iPhone In addition to suspending the use of the available credit on the iPhone such as credit card and Apple Pay service even if it is not connected to the Internet.
How to find my iPhone
find my iPhone

How do I locate my iPhone?

  1. The phone will be placed on the list of stolen or lost phones.
  2. Report the theft of the iPhone or iPad to the competent security authority in your country, by providing the serial number or serial number under another name.
  3. In the event that you have highly sensitive data or you have given up on retrieving your phone, activate the ‘Erase your device’ feature of the iPhone and iPad through the website or application, and all data will be deleted as soon as the phone connects to the Internet again.
  4. This is in the absence of a password on the phone, as the thief will not be able to bypass it without knowing your Apple account and its password.
  5. But be careful, the phone will return as its mother gave it! That is, you will not be able to track it or restore data in the absence of a backup copy on the iCloud platform.
  6. In the absence of a password, the protection lock or Activation Lock of the Find My iPhone service will be removed, which means that anyone will be able to use it if the Internet is connected, which will not happen if there is a password, activation lock, or fingerprint.
  7. Call customer service for your SIM card, How to find my iPhone to inform them of the lost or stolen phone, and the line will be suspended and suspended from service until you extract another chip yourself from the branch of the company providing the service.
How to find my iPhone
find my iPhone

Can I Find My iPhone if it is off?

There are many cases in which the iPhone or iPad was closed immediately after it was stolen and the

SIM card was removed after that, so what are the available solutions then? Simply you have several options:

  1. Report the stolen phone to the competent security authority and provide the serial number “serial number”. The phone will be found immediately after it is turned on or the chip is changed.
  2. Activate Lost Mode if the Find iPhone feature is enabled, as we explained above.
  3. Erase all data remotely with the remotely erase feature, and we explained it above as well.
  4. And as soon as the phone’s Internet connection returns, the previous procedures will be applied, except for the serial number, as it is discovered by telecommunications companies, meaning it does not need an Internet connection.
  5. How to find my iPhone, and in the absence of an Internet connection, none of the second and third steps mentioned above will be applied, as well as if the link between your account and the phone is removed through your account from any computer or iPhone, no procedures will be applied so wait for some time Before doing that, the best thing is the procedure for Serial Number.

How to deactivate Lost Mode?

There are three ways to deactivate theft mode:

  • After activation, you can turn it off by entering the 4 or 6-digit password.
  • Through the iCloud platform or the Find My iPhone application.
  • you can deactivate the activation with your Apple account.
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