Windows 10X Microsoft Hardware System

Windows 10X Microsoft’s touchscreen system resurrects the Lumia 950XL, one of the dead phones.

After the death of the Windows phone system, after one of the phone users was able to run the system on his personal phone, which appeared to be working unexpectedly and better than expected.

Based on the user’s own experience, where the user Gustave Monce published, through his account on the social networking site Twitter, pictures of the system on his personal phone.

And how the system adapted to his phone easily, and that is why I said that it is a system for touch-screen phones and not just tablets. See let’s see the picturesque introductions and let us present this news in detail.

Windows 10X is a system launched by Microsoft that competes with Google’s Chrome OS system to provide a better and easier experience of Windows on tablets or tablets.

We all follow the news of this system intensively, and we want to know more about it. As usual, as people who follow the technology, a user appears on Twitter saying that this system worked on one of the Lumia phones.

Phones that disappeared after Microsoft killed the windows phone system.

Phones that were suffering from a system that put many hopes in and destroyed them, a system that caused Nokia to disappear for a while while it is trying to return to the competition again.

Now the Lumia 950 is back again with Windows 10 X, based on what Gustave Monce posted on his account on the social networking site twitter that the system works on the phone with an efficiency that was not expected.

Of course it is not stable for daily use. This is just a port, but it gives hope to these phones again, and Monce is still trying to fix system errors and I am writing this news now

Monce Tweet

Windows 10X is supposed to be a reduced version of Windows 10 to be optimized on tablets and compete with Google’s Chrome OS system.

There have been leaks indicating that Microsoft intends to return to the world of mobile phones with Windows system again, but nothing has been official about this.

And while we are talking now, there are those who are optimizing the Windows 10X experience on the Lumia 950XL and setting the system to function properly on the phone.

Will Microsoft return to the world of cell phones?

Or is Surface Duo representing Microsoft’s trend in phones for the coming period?

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