Warzone map

Survival in the map became difficult in the second season of Black Ops and Warzone thanks to the new weapons introduced by developer Treyarch such as AMAX and FFAR that dominated this season’s confrontations.

That’s why if you want to win and get loads of kills, you have to get to the places that have the best and most powerful Warzone weapons.

These places are storerooms (or bunkers), these places contain large quantities of weapons and money as well as killstreaks, and they can turn around the confrontation and change its data.

That is why we will provide you with all of their sites and codecs in this guide.

Warzone store locations and codes

Boneyard’s reservoirs

The Boneyard area is the only one in Warzone to have two vaults close (0-1) to each other so it would be a perfect spot to get in and arm yourself and your team in them.

You’ll find this area north of Junkyard and the stores northwest of it.

In addition to that, there is a Buy Station nearby, which means that you are able to invest all the money that you got from inside the store.

  1. First Store Code: 87624851
  2. 2nd store code: 97264138

The Park Store

You can reach this warehouse (2) by going to the southern part of the map, in the south of Styor Spomenik and Tavorsk Park. You will find the warehouse hidden among the rocks

  1. Store code: 60274513

Prison Area Store

You will find this store (3) inside the cottage in West Prison. All you have to do is enter the code to claim the loot.

  1. Store code: 72948531

Farmland District Store

You may miss this store (4) due to the large number of barns in that area, but you will find it inside the largest store in that area. All you have to do is enter the code to claim the loot.

  1. Store code: 49285163

Tv Station Store

This point is known for the large number of groups that land in it, and you will find the store (5) in its east. You can reach it directly or use a helicopter to head towards it.

  1. Store code: 27495810

Locked stores at Warzone

Above you will find stores in red and blue. These stores could be accessed using a rare red card, but this card was removed from the game and thus these points became locked to all players.

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