Latest League of Legends Champion

Playing the ranked or ranked modes of League of Legends can annoy some people.

Most of the time, you will find yourself with a random group of people who refuse to cooperate and coordinate, and you will feel that you are alone in facing nine other people.

That is why we decided to help you by introducing the best champions of League of Legends update 11.4 in the hope that through them you can turn the tables and win with your team.

In this list you will find a champion for each position.

You may find that dealing with some of these heroes is difficult because of their mechanics.

The heroes who will facilitate your climb up the ranking ladder in League of Legends and improve your performance in your favorite MOBA.

The best champions of League of Legends

Gnar at Top Center

Gnar’s heavy damage makes it very difficult to compete on any lane.

This hero is able to harass any opponent in the form of the Mini and when he transforms into the melee form, Gnar becomes one of the strongest heroes of the game.

So you can say that Gnar has a large amount of damage and is able to survive most confrontations along with a good CC.

Rammus at the Jungle Center

The 11.4 update has significantly weakened Jungle Hero XP resources.

This enabled heroes like Rammus to impose themselves forcefully on the dead, especially with Chemtank’s recent changes.

This Hero in his current status is able to quickly move around the map, absorb large amounts of damage, and eliminate low-health opponents.

That’s why if you’re upset about how powerful ADC Champions are, choose Rammus.

Kassadin at the Mid Center

Kassadin can withstand the pressures directed at him thanks to Verdant Barrier and Seeker’s Armguard before he dominates the match as it reaches advanced stages.

The latest update has significantly improved Everfrost, and everyone knows how powerful it is with Kassadin.

Jinx at ADC

League of Legends update 11.4 has brought Jinx back into the dead powerfully

Especially after raising the value of its basic health, and we will not forget the additional range and added speed of its shells.

All you have to do is learn how to position correctly and you will be able to deal terrifying amounts of damage in any battle for your team.

Leona at the Support Center

Leona is still the perfect good for the role thanks to the CC and the damage it does to prepare for a large number of killers with great ease.

This enabled her to help the ADC in the course, prepare for the Gank with the Jungler, or greatly assist in team battles.

Add to this her individual superiority over most of the heroes of this role, thus preventing them from achieving their goals in the confrontation.

What do you think of this list? Is there a particular hero you would prefer and why? Share with us in the comments!

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