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Windows 10 File Upload Speed ​​Increase, Does your system take a long time to upload files even when the internet is strong? Are you also experiencing slow upload speed on your Windows 10 PC? If the answer is yes, then here we will put you the best possible solutions that will contribute to increasing the speed of uploading files in the Windows 10 operating system.

There is a large group of users who face this problem and want to find a practical and possible solution to it. Many of us believe in blaming the internet for the slow upload speed, however, little is known that it could be for other reasons as well. There are many factors that play a vital role in slowing down the file upload speed in Windows 10, so you should define them first.

How to increase file upload speed in Windows 10

It’s almost impossible to look for solutions if you don’t know why the file upload speed is slow on your Windows 10 computer. Reset your Internet connection Although you have already checked the Internet connection and its speed, it is a good idea to reset it one more time.

Because doing this more often helped the users to get rid of the annoying slow upload speed issue.

One of the most important aspects when it comes to increasing the download speed of Windows 10. Here is the easiest way to reset your system’s internet connection:

1_go to the Start menu by clicking on the Start icon or via the Windows logo on your keyboard. Once this menu appears, select the Settings option.

2_Once you see the System Settings interface, click on the Network & Internet option.

3_From the side menu of the network and internet panel, select the Status option. And then choose Change adapter options.

4_Now select the network that you are connected to, whether it is via an internet cable or through a Wi-Fi connection. And click on that Connect with the right mouse button.

5_In the small window that appeared to you, select the option to disable and then enable the same moment and within two seconds. By doing this, the Internet connection will be reset, so we hope that the problem has ended with the first solution.

. Close apps running in the background

There is another solution or fix that can help your device to improve the upload speed of files, by disabling background programs or applications.

Because there is a possibility that any of the applications or many applications running in the background can slow down the upload speed on your Windows PC.

So the solutions that you can find here are to disable background apps one by one and the process to do that is as follows:

. Enter the settings, by any method.

. In the settings interface select the option Privacy or Privacy.

.Once the privacy option interface opens, also select the background apps option from the side menu. With this, just close all apps running in the background via the disable option at the top.

Stop the system update processes .

Since we talked about disabling background programs, one of these is the continuous operation of the Windows Update Service.

Yeah!! Windows Update Service is designed to search for the best update suitable for your operating system and begins to affect the online upload speed of the system.

So if you are eagerly searching for answers “How can I increase the upload speed of files on my Windows 10 PC?”

You need to temporarily disable the Windows Update service function as well.

Disable this program and see if the upload speed has been boosted or not, and to do this, you need:

. From the Start menu search option, search for Services, and then run the application that appears.

. A new window for Windows services will pop up, from there, search for the Windows Update option.

  1. Right-click on the Windows Update function and choose Properties from the options menu.
  2. Under Properties, click the Stop button to stop Windows Update Services. Keep saving the changes you just made by clicking Apply and OK. By doing this, you have temporarily stopped Windows Update.

Network drive software update

This may be one of the reasons that requires constant user follow-up.

Since it does not matter whether the system is running smoothly or not, you need to update the drivers on time.

However, sometimes due to manual interruptions these things go unnoticed and this is when problems occur.

When it comes to the common problem of how to increase the speed of uploading files online on a Windows 10 computer, you cannot leave any corner untouched and give it a try.

This is why we have put our focus on network drivers as this could be one of the most common reasons why file upload speeds in the system may not reach the desired level.

You can download the Advanced Driver Updater program in order to update the network driver software on your computer in an easy, smooth and very fast manner.

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