Things to consider before buying a laptop

Buying a new laptop requires a number of important procedures and settings immediately before operating it and starting on it, which are settings that affect the process of operating it after that, as they serve as a key to its good performance, and when maintaining its activation helps greatly in providing a very smooth performance

According to MakeUseOf, there are a number of important settings that must be activated when buying a new laptop, which some may not know, or may ignore, thinking that they are not important or influential, and among these settings:

1- Update the operating system

One of the most important things that must be activated immediately when buying a new laptop is to update the operating system, through Windows 10 and Windows 10, go to Settings, Update and Security, and click Check for updates, and Windows will automatically download and install updates in the future

If you have an Apple Mac, click the Apple menu in the upper-left corner and choose System Preferences, then Software Update

2- Remove Bloatware

Bloatware is a program that is preloaded on the operating system and is unwanted or unnecessary.These applications are often useless, however storage space is wasted, and Windows laptop manufacturers are well known for this, while It rarely occurs on Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS laptops

3- Protect your device against theft

You must protect your laptop from theft, so if someone stole your computer, not only will you lose your device, but you will likely lose all the data on it, so measures must be put in place to recover it.

Windows 10 includes a built-in feature called Find My Device or Find My Device, which is found in Settings, then you can update it, then activate security, then choose Find My Device, and for devices running macOS, go to System Preferences, then Apple ID and select iCloud From the sidebar and make sure Find My Mac is enabled

4- Antivirus review Windows 10

comes with built-in Windows Defender, and if you want some additional protection, you can pair it with other powerful security tools, so you must choose reliable programs that provide the highest protection for devices and fight harmful viruses

5- Reducing heat damage

Usually laptops are more susceptible to heat than any other devices. At the same time, many laptops have poor air circulation and lots of spots where dust accumulates, and you should not use your laptop on carpets, bedding, or even your lap.

Place it on a hard, flat surface to reduce dust absorption, clean it as best you can to remove dust, know safe PC operating temperatures, and if you feel the system is getting too hot, close intensive applications

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