How to make Chrome default browser on iPhone iOS 14

IOS 14 allows web browsers and third-party email clients to set it by default in iPhones, so if you don’t really like Safari and Apple Mail, you now have other options.

With the latest update of the Google Chrome browser available now on the App can change your default browser from Safari to Google Chrome on an iPhone or iPad device, and Apple has also added with iOS 14 support for web browsers and third-party email applications.

The default web browser will be used when clicking on the link in any application, and even in iOS 14 you may have an alternative browser such as Google Chrome But link actions will always open in Safari, so here’s how to change that on an iPhone or iPad.

1_ Download the latest version of the Google Chrome browser from the App Store.

2_ Open the Settings app, then open the Google Chrome Settings page.

3_ Click (default browser application).

4_ Click Google Chrome.

Using this set of instructions, any app that triggers an open standard URL activity the system will now direct it to open in Google Chrome instead of Safari.

If you change your mind at any time, you can return to the settings and change the default browser application back to the Safari browser, and if you want to use a third-party browser other than Google Chrome, you must wait for the developer to update his application, and the same applies to changing applications Email – So far we haven’t seen any compatible email app offering this feature.

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