Cyberpunk 2077 vs GTA V

In the beginning, before Cyberpunk 2077 came to light, I thought that the game would surpass any game that had been released in gaming history.

Whether in terms of the story, the “innovative” gameplay, or even the open world that I will “immerse himself in”, everything became upside down after its release.

As for the players … they are tired of its technical mistakes that we have not avoided until now, and for CDPR studio, they are on the verge of closing the studio for several reasons, from the inevitable issues to infiltrating the studio with all its information and selling it for $ 7 million!

And for these reasons that took the studio into a wild world, the comparison between a game as old as GTA V and Cyberpunk 2077 can be fair.

I will sharpen my pen and go into the smallest details to compare the two games, because the details can create a situation for the game because they are fundamental causes that draw the entire world.

A world pulsing with life and a world like a robot!

It is possible that the headlines are not explicit or explain either of the two games the offensive phrase is called upon, but you will undoubtedly know when I finish my paragraph, to start, for example, that you wanted at some point to ride a car or any vehicle regardless of its type, and suddenly you wanted to You jump from it without a motive or a convincing reason .. just for fun, and in fact you will get the desired result in GTA V with blood stained his clothes and low health level .. This is normal and it does not take a great game to do this, but it is strange to see the opposite. Just like in Cyberpunk 2077, when you see your hero standing tall and not suffering any harm or even lack of health without a simulated reaction.

If you want to have fun in the world to take a break from the lethality of the villains of your story and the lethality of some innocent people in the world, you will do this, and if we resort to GTA V to do this and punch a number of people, you will find someone who escapes and who has the courage to stand out from you face to face, in addition to informing some civilians On that crime to have some excitement and action with the police .. “You started”.

Really unexpected is that I tried doing this over and over in Cyberpunk 2077 and literally no one had the courage to confront me, they were all designed with almost the same reaction, running away and then running aimlessly and then taking a break from escaping in a strange place I see with my eyes and then he will walk like any normal person in The game was as if nothing had happened. Is 7 years not enough to put in place a simple mechanism like this like the rest of the open world games ?!

I will not go out of the circle of killing the innocents, and let me go to the next level, for example if you dare this time and put civilians at gunpoint .. you will find civilians in GTA V putting their hands on their heads for fear of any crazy behavior you (or your hero on) Specifically), but we assume that you are ruthless in this horrific situation and you shot your bullet at one of them .. Surely the rest will flee and the police will come to address the situation, and as usual Cyberpunk 2077 fails even in this matter!

If you did those steps in order and in boring detail, and then if you wanted to kill anyone whom you put under threat, they would never die, but to be fair, the police would come to you (it is inevitable), but you will be bored once you know that you cannot kill any civilian under threat. Your hero, and the surprise is that you cannot kill any civilian in the first place.

Simple details change the parameters of the experience.

If you want to put the two games to a real test with really deep details, you will initially go to the sea, which you will find a lot to do in terms of comparisons between the two games, in the beginning draw your gun and hit the water aimlessly and the first thing you will notice in GTA V is the interaction of water with the shot to produce We have a simple “splash”, unlike CYBERPUNK 2077 which is a front of a deaf world that does not produce any convincing reactions. I’m sure you picked up the answer from this example.

Hey hey we will not leave the beach, we have a lot to do here, and the easiest thing we will do without causing any tension or anxiety in the beach and creating fear among innocent civilians is the act like them, go down and enjoy the water and diving and the splendor of swimming and its realism that no one has reached. Game, this praise is only for GTA V unfortunately, because if you wanted to do this in Cyberpunk 2077, you’d regret the time you wanted to do it.

If you only want to put your feet in the water, you will dive like you were in the depths of the sea! I’m not kidding, and to prove it you can try it yourself or see this on a lot of YouTube videos.

Let us from this test, let’s move to the last test for the sea which is the actual diving and see the game world under the water, go down the water and you will find a barren desert, no fish, flat land planted with some herbs only and even sand you will not find, you will feel that it is a rocky land Its outward appearance and lack of interaction with your hero, unfortunately in Cyberpunk 2077, but if you wanted to change your mind and do this in GTA V, you will find the exact opposite in everything, fish of all kinds from decorations to sharks that will put you in their jaws if they see your face, And if you were curious to dive to the last point in the sea, you wouldn’t do that, because you would die from the water pressure.

Jump test, I mean driving!

Driving is the stick on which each of the two games picks, but if we want to tell the truth, we will return to the two games and explore together, if you ride a motorcycle, for example in Los Santos, and of course hit a wall, another vehicle, with anything you will fly in Air, while if you had the idea and wanted to experience the feeling of flying from the first-person perspective, you would not do that, or it could be said that you would jump, but from the third-person perspective and with your bike! You’re going to hop on the bike, literally I’m not exaggerating (if the shock is violent, of course) but a thought like this is kind of funny.

But if I am a person biased towards Cyberpunk 2077 at whatever cost and I insist that I put the two games on another test drive with cars, I will tell you “why not”, and this is what I will do, by riding a car here and trying to remove any element in front of me, a tree or Light poles, lampposts and other poles will break, but the tree will never be removed because it is something embedded in the ground, and this is what GTA V did, because Cyberpunk removes any element in front of it relentlessly, as if those elements are paper.

Sorry, but the expression betrayed me … this is the real “jump test”.

This tour will not be long as the rest of the previous tests, dear reader, because in this element we will go into very sub-details, to go into the matter without much chatter, simply go up on a high building and jump off it, you are supposed to die, yes I say: “Because Cyberpunk 2077 violated all the laws of physics, because if you jump, nothing will happen to our hero, just a slight injury with spitting out a quantity of blood, and you will continue walking or running or whatever you intend to do next.

“It is clear that the comparison is as clear as the sun. At first I thought that the comparison was unfair and it would take more time to bring out these deep and fundamental details, but all I can say is that this is Cyberpunk 2077 that has barely completed two months of its life, and this is GTA V that About to turn eight years old, I don’t know why the game was launched really so quickly or with such a lot of indifference and some neglect, all I can do is wish the studio to recover from the effects of the “Cyberbug 2077 dilemma and then wish from the studio. In future titles, if he succeeds in overcoming his problems. ”

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