Death Stranding PS5 performance

Death Stranding needs nearly 50 hours to complete the main missions within its vast open world, and it is clear that the game will get a new version soon.

The new version of Death Stranding had previously appeared as a rumor in circles, and then these rumors returned strongly after the State of Play broadcast last week.

This time the information came from an account called Navtra on ResetEra, an account that was leaked by exclusive Final Fantasy XVI game information.

According to the leaks, the new version will be dedicated to the PS4 and PS5 platforms and it will be an expanded version that contains the original story along with some story missions that were not present in the basic version.

But the leaker does not know if these new missions take place in the game world that we know, or if they may take us to new environments and worlds.

The leaks are very logical, especially the idea of ​​releasing a copy of the game on the PS5 platform with some additions, taking into account that the game is one of the most important titles issued on the Playstation during the past years, and you can make sure, dear reader, of the quality of the game through our review

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