How to update expired credit card on Apple Pay

Apple Pay gives you a convenient way to make purchases, whether on the iPhone or Apple Watch, without the need to use your credit card directly, and you can add many cards to your Apple Pay account, and the first added card is always the default card, Which you can easily change on Apple Watch or iPhone

How to change the default card on Apple Pay in the Apple Watch

To change the payment method on Apple Pay using the Apple Watch, here are the necessary steps:

Launch the Apple Watch app on the iPhone

Scroll down and tap Wallet & Apple Pay

Click Default Card under Transaction Defaults

Choose the card you want to change the default card

How to change Apple Pay payment method on iPhone

Open Settings on your iPhone

Click on Wallet & Apple Pay

Select the default card option under Transaction Defaults

Choose the new card as the default card on Apple Pay

You can also change the default card from the Wallet app from your iPhone:

Open Wallet app on iPhone

Press and hold the card, then pull it up

After that, a message will appear on your phone to confirm the process of changing the card

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