Can you transfer photos from iCloud to Google Photos?

Apple officially announced a new service that allows users of its devices to transfer content from iCloud directly to the most popular online photo storage service Google Photos, and while the user needs simple steps to transfer his content to iCloud, including photos and videos, the transfer of photos To Google Photos, it takes between three days to a week

Apple said that some content will not be transferred to Google Photos upon user request, such as smart albums, animated live photos, live broadcast content, some metadata, RAW images, and all content that the user has not stored in iCloud Photo Library.

Apple also confirmed that the user needs to have enough space in the Google Photos service to transfer his content to iCloud, as the new service will not transfer all photos and videos if he runs out of storage space in the Google Photos service, and Google announced earlier than 2020 announced the abolition of unlimited storage for photos and videos through its Google Photos service, effective June 1, 2021

And if the user needs more space to store his pictures or his Google account, Google One packages start from 1.99 USD per month for a storage capacity of 100 GB, and up to 9.99 USD per month for a storage space of 2 TB, which is the package that also provides the user with many The most prominent features are a free VPN service

These are the steps to transfer iCloud photos to Google Photos:

Go to the new feature or service site

Log in with your Apple ID account.

Choose to transfer a copy of your data.

Follow the next steps that include logging in with a Google account.

Then Apple sends an email alert to the user confirming the request to transfer photos and content from iCloud to Google Photos, and another alert via email when the transfer process is complete, and Apple said that if the user canceled the transfer request before its completion, while Apple has already transferred some of the content, it will remain in Google Photos

And Google has announced a partnership with Canon that allows users of professional Canon cameras to save a backup copy of their photos directly to Google Photos via Wi-Fi, without the need to connect the camera to a computer or rely on external SD memory cards. Facebook also previously has a tool that allows users to transfer their photos or save a copy of their photos and videos to Google Photos

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