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The fifth season of the second chapter of the game Fortnite introduced major additions to the game, such as the gold sake, new characters and new locations on the map. In addition to these things, APIC Games has introduced a new set of weapons under the name Exotic. These weapons were introduced as a solution to the Mythic weapons problem in previous seasons, as these weapons were limited and linked to certain characters, meaning that they would only go to one player. As for Exotic weapons, they are available with a group of characters on Fortnite Island, and any lover can obtain them as long as they have enough gold. Here you will find the locations of all the weapons added this season from Fortnite.

Exotic Weapon Locations from Fort Fortnite

• Boom Snipers

These snipers will cost you 600 gold and you can buy them from Splode located in the Northeast Stealthy Stronghold cottage.

• Shadow tracker pistol

You’ll need 400 gold bars to purchase this pistol, which you’ll find with the Reese character at one of the eastern Dirty Docks.

Storm Scout Snipers

These snipers are the most expensive and hardest existing weapons. You will have to collect 1,250 gold and search for Lexa in Hunter’s Haven near Lazy Lake. But you have to be careful because its location is a fortress surrounded by armed guards and you may find yourself dead before getting this weapon in Fort Knight.

• Dub Shotgun

If you like close fights, Shotgun is definitely needed. Dub will be the only Shotgun on this list and will cost you 600 gold. As for where he is, he is with the Dummy character, which you will find on Compact Cars or north of Pleasant Park.

• Night Hawk pistol

Another pistol on this list, and you will find him, with Shotgun, the strangest characters this season. We’re talking about Mancake the man made of pancakes. You will find him at Butter Barn near the desert area of the map and he will give you the gun for 400 golds.

• Big Chill

The only weapon on this list that does not cause any actual damage to the opponent. The Big Chill launcher shoots snowballs at an opponent to slow him down and was part of the last Christmas update period. You’ll find this weapon, which costs 400 gold, with the Snowmando in the snowy mountains near Catty Corner.

• Dragon’s Breath Sniper

These snipers may not be as strong as their Fort Knight colleague, but obtaining them will be easier and more economical to make up the difference. These snipers will cost you 500 gold and you’ll find them with Blaze at Timber Tent near Holly Hedges and Sweaty Sands or at Pristine Point near Steamy Stacks.

• Chug Cannon

This weapon is a new version of the Slurp Bazooka weapon, and it will heal you (18 HP) when using it on you, and thus it will play a large role in any defense strategy as it may save you from certain death. You will not find this weapon on the ground or in a random place. You have to head over to a character called Remedy and buy it from her.

Remedy changes from one match to the next but only appears on two specific locations. These two locations are in the Craggy Cliffs or the Hilltop House located northeast of Pleasent Park. The good news is that there is not much distance between these two locations, so you can head over to the other if you don’t find Remedy in the first place. The unfortunate news is that the Chug Cannon will cost you 600 gold coins, so make sure you have the required amount to purchase it.

• Burst Quad Launcher

This cannon fires two missiles at the same time so that each missile causes 42 points of damage to your opponent which is very high damage, but its maximum capacity is only 4 missiles. As with the previous weapon, you won’t find the Burst Quad Launcher randomly lying on the Fortnite map, but rather you have to head for a character to buy it. But instead of Remedy, you’ll have to head towards Fishsticks in Coral Castle or at the restaurant within the Craggy Cliffs area.

For its price, it is comparable to all other Exotic weapons like the Chug Cannon, the Boom Sniper, or even the Shadow Tracker Pistol. In other words, you have to bring 600 pieces of gold to be able to obtain it. So choose your weapon wisely and collect gold bars at any possible opportunity in Fortnite.

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