How to convert Word document to PowerPoint

Microsoft has launched a new feature called (Transform) that allows users to convert text documents in Word into a PowerPoint presentation with the addition of an artificial intelligence design feature, as part of its efforts to develop and add more features to the word processor program (Word) Word For users of the web version

What is the feature in Word and how does it work?

The feature is currently available for users of the (Office Insiders) program and depends in its work on artificial intelligence to create a visual presentation of the text content and then add what you want from other media after creating the presentation, such as: images, icons, videos, themes and fonts

The new feature can be found in the version of (Word) for the web, through the following steps:

Create a new text document in the web version or open any document you created earlier

Click on the File icon in the menu bar at the top

Click on the option (Transform to PowerPoint Presentation)

Select a design theme for the presentation, then press Create

You will be taken directly to the web version of your PowerPoint presentation to review the presentation you created

Add your own media like: photos and videos to your presentation

Note: The files you convert will be automatically stored in your OneDrive account, and Microsoft recommends that users test the feature by opening a Word document that mostly consists of text and then displaying what the artificial intelligence suggests to create a visual presentation after clicking a button the transfer

In addition, this feature is now available for texts created in an English-language (Word) document only, and it does not support conversion via the Internet Explorer or Safari version of Apple.

It is worth noting that Microsoft uses artificial intelligence on a regular basis to develop its own web presentation program, as in 2019 it updated the PowerPoint Designer feature set to provide users with suggestions to enable them to create slides around an image, improve text readability, and add icons to Presentations

It also plans to launch a new feature in the application of word processing (Word) next month, which is the feature (text predictions) Text Predictions, which relies in its work on artificial intelligence to suggest appropriate words in real time while writing, in order to improve productivity

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