Most anticipated games 2021

In March, you will have to spend the first week experiencing the events of your favorite classic titles in past years, or touching on group competitions in your favorite games, where the real excitement begins around the second week, with a set of new and re-released games in a different way, which we learn about in detail in this report March 2021 Games To continue with you what we started and what we are accustomed to

The March games can be considered normal or not so obvious in what we think is the calm before the storm

• Apex Legends

One of the most prominent battle royale games (Battle Royale) released in recent years, as it was able in a short period of time to compete with the most prominent releases of this genre and to break many records and make huge profits for EA, which explains the continuous updates of the game and new content periodically

Recently the game space for the Switch was revealed through the eShop, where any player needs a free space of 15.2 GB to try the free game, which naturally requires a micro SD card, while the game data confirms the need to have a free space of 30 GB to download it. On the platform

The game will be launched on March 9th, and the developer has explained that putting a game of the size of Apex Legends and its details in a mobile device in the end is a tedious matter and has cost him a lot of effort and time to balance that equation that we always wanted to see at some point, and the studio confirmed that he added some of the Its touches on the Switch version to adapt to the device’s internal and external conditions as well

Crash Bandicoot 4: It s About Time

Hardware: PS5, Xbox Series X / S, Switch

The same exciting adventure that we had last year, but this time it appears in its best form thanks to the version dedicated to the new generation platforms

What is new in this version? The same features that come with any version for 9G platforms, from native 4K support for 60fps targeting and enhanced 3D audio, plus taking advantage of the new PS5 controller features as adaptive triggers and stunning haptic feedback

• Tales from the Borderlands

The beloved, choice-driven narrative adventure across the world of Borderlands is coming soon for the Switch, as its story takes place between the events of Borderlands 2 and Borderlands 3, your choices shape this tale for a uniquely private adventure, with loads of unexpected sequels ranging from comedy to drama

Every choice you make pushes the story forward, allowing you to customize your journey and shape your relationships as you see fit. The game also provides the opportunity to cross paths with familiar faces from the Borderlands series, and meet new friends like Rays Vaughn’s brother and Fiona’s smart sister Sasha.

Devices: PC, PS4, Xbox One

The largest and most anticipated title in the month of March, as it comes from Joseph Fares, one of the most prominent developers on the scene, who previously offered us unforgettable adventures, whether in Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons or A Way Out, and returns this time in a third cooperative adventure that promises many moments Unforgettable.

Invite a friend to join the game for free and work together across a large variety of challenges, while the story focuses on the parents of a little girl suffering from military problems, and as a result of this, this girl creates two dolls based on her parents’ personality and the player controls them, if A Way Out and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is an indication, so expect some inspiration from it, Fares has already confirmed that this will be an interesting plat former and adventure game.

• Monster Hunter Rise

Once again, the Capcom series, which is rich in definition, returns to its original home across the Nintendo platforms after a successful adventure by all standards on the main platforms in the World Edition, here we witness the return of Palicoes in a more comprehensive role, along with new settings, characters and monsters, Monster Hunter Rise also features some new mechanisms, The Fairy Claw, as it was rumored, can even grapple in mid-air to reach faraway places. You can also climb walls and run nonstop

In terms of capabilities, it seems possible to use the claw to change direction in the air, avoiding the attack with difficulty and of course, there is a new pioneering monster to fight, while in the title description through the official website, the events take place in the land of the Kamura village inspired by the ninja, explore the lush ecosystems and fight frightening monsters to become The ultimate hunter. Half a century has passed since the last disaster, but a terrifying new monster pops its head and threatens to plunge the Earth into chaos again.

Hunt alone or with friends to earn rewards that you can use to craft a wide range of weapons and armor, brand new gameplay systems such as Wire Action will add new and exciting layers to the intense combat that the series is famous for, whether you are at home, on the go, online or offline. , You’ll always be ready for your next hunt without stopping.

Tony Hawk s Pro Skater 1 and 2

Hardware: PS5, Xbox Series X / S

Rotate and show moves through the greatest levels in the history of skateboarding games as Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 and 2 arrive on the new generation platforms starting on March 26th, yes it is the same version for the previous generation devices but with many modifications to take advantage of the advantages of the ninth generation devices

Here you can show off your abilities in Tours mode, the redesigned career mode, or reveal yourself in single player modes like Single Session and Free Skate. You can also test your skills against other skaters in team competitions featuring a new online competitive system with curated playlists. Rank leaderboards

The game works on the new generation at 120 frames per second in 1080p or 60 fps in the original 4K resolution, and also delivers lifelike levels using sharper dynamic shadows and subtle reflections, as well as enhanced textures

Krafton unveiled PUBG: New State, the latest Battle Royale game, that will be launched as a free trial to play across Android devices in 2021.

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