TikTok will pay $ 92 million

TikTok has agreed to pay a $ 92 million settlement to a class action lawsuit accusing it of violating users’ privacy and misusing highly sensitive data.

The class-action lawsuit included allegations that the popular video app TikTok was collecting highly sensitive personal data to track users, even teens and minors, and target them with ads.

A TikTok spokesperson said, “Although we reject the allegations, we do not want to waste time in litigation and want to focus our efforts on building a safe and enjoyable experience for the TikTok community.”

The settlement that the short video app will pay brings together 21 lawsuits alleging numerous alleged privacy violations, and includes TikTok analyzing users’ faces to determine race, gender, and age through a complex system of artificial intelligence and algorithms.

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Also, the class action lawsuit alleges that TikTok violated privacy after it sent users’ data to China and shared it with third parties without the consent of those users.

If the settlement is accepted, TikTok, owned by the Chinese company ByteDance, will pay the value of the settlement with the launch of a new training program on privacy compliance and ensuring more measures are brought in to protect users’ data.

Finally, this settlement is just one of the many settlements made by the Chinese app TikTok TikTok in order to overlook user data and privacy that it constantly violates in order to achieve huge gains.

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