RTX 3060 release date

As we all know, the RTX 3060 card has not been officially launched from the ground up, and we have shared with you the disclosure of the prices of the RTX 3060 cards from Asus, Zotac and MSI with their pictures yesterday, but it is no secret to anyone that many users around the world have already accessed the cards, which is a leak Large without a doubt, and given the information about the RTX 3060’s performance with mining, it was targeted mainly by miners

Nvidia has officially announced a reduction in the performance of the cards with mining, as well as announcing new cards dedicated to mining, but this did not prevent one of the miners, who bears the name CryptoLeo, from reviewing the performance of the card in a video on his YouTube channel!

Detecting the actual RTX 3060 performance with mining

Before we talk about the performance of the card, we will tell you about a fatal error that this person made, which is simply that he revealed the Serial Number of the RTX 3060 card he used in his experience, which is a card from ZOTAC by the way, and this in itself will help NVIDIA track the leak He got to those cards, because the serial number will reveal to the company the distributor who sold them, because he was the distributor who initially received them from the manufacturers

With reference to the mining performance, a decrease was recorded from 41.5 MH / s to 24-24 MH / s and this is after the mining algorithm was addressed using the card, and this decrease is due to the aforementioned step by Nvidia, this while the same test included a GTX 1080 Ti card which did not Its performance decreases during operation

It is reported that reducing the performance of the RTX 3060 with mining was done by relying on the BIOS of the card itself and not depending on the drivers, and until now the picture is still blurry about RTX 3060 cards, although we hear and read about it daily!

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