windows 10 update 21h1 release date

Usually Microsoft releases two major updates for the Windows 10 operating system in the months of May and October of each year, as the two updates bring a lot of features to improve the user experience, and now according to a recent report, Microsoft is on its way to launch the first major update for Windows 10 later this spring The year

Then the second update will follow at the end of this year, which is expected to be the largest update so far, so how does Microsoft prepare in 2021 for the largest update that Windows 10 may get since its launch in 2015?

According to the same report, the next update code will be called (21H1), and although the (Windows Insider) team that releases beta versions of the Windows 10 operating system has not yet talked about the next update, the report already indicates that Microsoft will indeed adhere to its tradition that has extended For three years, two major OS updates are released each year

Where a leak appeared in the previous year indicated that the first update of this year 2021 will be a smaller update that focuses on corrections to the operating system, because the update expected to carry the codename (21H1) could pave the way for a larger update coming in the autumn month of October is expected to carry the name Al Ramzi (Sun Valley)

According to the same leak, the 21H1 update is nearing completion, and Microsoft may test it soon through the (Beta) and (Release Preview) channels before launching it permanently for users next spring in May, as it is expected to come according to the leak with minor additions, although it has not It is quite clear what exactly the previous statements indicate

According to many observers, the 21H1 update, which is expected to be launched next spring, does not contain many prominent features and additions, such as the 20H1 update that Microsoft launched the previous year, where the 21H1 update will focus on simple features, such as: updating application icons , Update settings pages, and edit Cortana voice assistant

But in the meantime, it is believed that the (Sun Valley) update, which may be launched next fall, may bring many exciting changes to the Windows 10 operating system by completely changing the design of the operating system, or what Microsoft called (Visual Rejuvenation) using the system. Its Fluent Design, and this will include visual changes, such as: a new floating start menu, and a new mode that supports touch more easily in tablets

In addition, we are expected to see later this year 2021 two versions of the Windows 10 operating system, namely: a regular version that will power laptops and tablets either with an update (21H1) or an update (Sun Valley)

And another version called (Windows 10 X) Windows 10X is directed to computers and devices for educational work and institutions, as we find that Microsoft, due to the spread of the Corona virus pandemic in the previous year, has shifted its focus to strengthen its position in the educational device market more to compete with the operating system (Chrome OS) from The Google

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