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The WhatsApp application has faced many harsh criticism due to the new privacy policy, and for this it was forced to delay the launch of this policy until May 15, 2021.

In a desperate attempt to make the matter clear to WhatsApp users who have switched to competing apps like Telegram and Signal, WhatsApp placed banners inside the app to help the user know where their data would go.

However, there is something very important that has not been clarified, what if the user does not accept the new changes to the privacy policy, what will WhatsApp do about it

According to TechCrunch, WhatsApp will slowly require these users to comply with the new terms in order to get full WhatsApp functionality starting in mid-May.

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If they continue not accepting the terms for a short period, WhatsApp will allow them to receive calls and receive notifications, but they will not be able to read or send messages in the app.

It means a short time, a few weeks, after which the accounts will be deleted automatically, as WhatsApp policy states that inactive accounts are removed after 120 days.

Finally, despite the backlash by WhatsApp users, the chat application owned by the social network Facebook is determined to go ahead and apply the new privacy policy, so if you do not agree and will not agree, it may be time to switch to one of the other competing applications, perhaps Telegram or even Signal.

WhatsApp explained in a new announcement how users can read the new policy and learn how to deal with commercial and personal messages

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