Apple is planning to hold an event on March 16th to announce iPad Pro and iPad mini, as well as AirTags

A new report revealed Apple’s plans to hold an event on the 16th of next March

Apple is preparing to announce the new generation of iPad Pro devices, a new version of iPad mini that launches with a new design with AirTags at an event next month

New releases of iPad Pro, iPad mini, iPad mini, and Air data

The date of the Apple conference during 2020, which was held on March 18th to announce iPad Pro devices for the year 2020, coincides with the date of the announcement of previous versions that were also revealed during the month of March.

Projections refer to the iPad Pro series for the year 2021 in the number of proposals for change in design, where it refers to suggestions refers to suggestions distinguished by mini-LED technology that will improve the quality of display in new devices

A version of iPad, the current version, the latest version, the latest version of iPad devices

The changes begin in the shape, as the design changes begin, as they will take place in a size larger than approximately 9 inches (ca. 23 cm). We are expecting more details about the new Apple releases in the coming days.

The first pictures that show the expected design of a foldable iPhone

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