wear os on galaxy watch

Most of the smartphone developers in the world agree to rely on the Android system, or in particular, on the Google version of the Android system. This great demand for what Google offers does not apply to its version of the famous system for mobile devices, Wear OS, as there are a few companies that rely on it in its smart watches, not among them the majormanufacturers.

Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi do not rely on Wear OS, each company has its own system for wearable devices. This independence may change soon, as new leaks indicate Samsung’s abandonment of Ti zen OS and its direction to what Google offers after more than 6 years since the last dependence on AndroidWear.

The leaks about Samsung’s move to Wear OS were revealed by the Ice Universe account on Twitter, which has a large record of reliable leaks. The tweet in which this leak was revealed did not reveal any additional details, but it is expected that Samsung made this decision despite the stability of its Ti zen OS system due to its intention to expand its current partnership with Google, as it did with Microsoft, and its cloud service OneDrive provided an alternative to its own service Samsung Cloud.

If this leak is true, then the next Samsung smart watch, which we may see in April or September, may run Wear OS, but with the same user interface that Ti zen OS provided in the company’s last hours while keeping the Galaxy Apps store next to the Google store

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