how to use find my iphone

IPhone phones have a security feature called Activation Lock. When your phone is lost or stolen, this tool locks the screen of your device with a passcode and allows you to display a custom message using your phone number to help you recover it, and you can also wipe your device’s data remotely if needed Additionally, your customized message will still display even after wiping the device

The Activation Lock feature helps keep your device safe, even if it is in unsafe hands, because it increases your chances of getting it back, and if you wipe your device’s data remotely, the feature will continue to prevent anyone from reactivating your device without your permission

The first thing that you should do when losing your device or making sure that it is stolen is to use the (Find My) application to find it, then activate the (mark as lost iphone) option in the application, and to do so, follow the following steps:

Open the (Find My) app, or visit

Click on the Devices tab, then select your lost device

Scroll down, and under the Mark As Lost section, select Activate

Follow the steps on the screen if you want to display your phone number on the lost device screen or if you want to enter a custom message asking whoever found your lost device to contact you

Click on the option (activate) Activate

While the Activation Lock feature works in the background to make it difficult for anyone to use or sell your lost phone, as the message that accompanies it or the phone number to anyone who finds your device indicates that the device is still yours, and it cannot be reactivated without your password.

what is it Activation Lock ?

Activation Lock, or iCloud Lock, is an element of Discover My iPhone, Apple’s restrictive execution of a lot more extensive insurance framework for the most part alluded as Production line Reset Assurance (FRP). Plant Reset Security, or “off button”, is controlled in the US through the Cell phone Burglary Anticipation Demonstration of 2015. The Demonstration requires gadget makers to highlight an alleged “off button” permitting authentic clients to distantly wipe and lock gadgets. The motivation behind the off button was to debilitate cell phone robbery by drastically diminishing resale estimation of taken gadgets.

As indicated by Mac, “Enactment Lock is an element that is intended to forestall any other individual from utilizing your iPhone, iPad, iPod contact, or Macintosh Watch if it’s consistently lost or taken. Enactment Lock is empowered naturally when you turn on Discover My iPhone. … Regardless of whether you eradicate your gadget distantly, Enactment Lock can keep on dissuading anybody from reactivating your gadget without your authorization. You should simply keep Discover My iPhone turned on, and recollect your Apple ID and secret phrase.”

How Activation Lock Functions ?

At the point when you turn on Discover My iPhone on your Apple gadget, Apple enlists your gadget by connecting your Apple ID to the gadget ID on its initiation workers. Starting there on, your gadget is naturally ensured. Regardless of whether your gadget is taken, the cheat will require either your gadget password or your Apple ID secret key to impair iCloud lock. Regardless of whether they reset your gadget through DFU mode, which can be utilized to reset the password, they actually will not have the option to reactivate and utilize your iPhone without first eliminating the Activation Lock.

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