Intel Core i5-11600K

News of the eleventh-generation Rocket Lake-S processors continues to spread, and the upcoming 6-core and 12-lane i5-11600K processor has appeared on the Benchmark platform Geekbench.

Excellent products offered for sale in premium class. This processor operates at a frequency of 3.9GHz and with a Boost frequency of 4.9GHz. Processor, processor, processor, processor, processor, processor processor, processor processor, processor processor, processor processor, processor data processing card 3200 MHz above

The result is the result of the following figure: the Ryzen 5 processor 5600X, which the Ryzen 5 processor 5600X achieved 8102 points, clearly surpassing the Intel processor, which achieved 6220 points. It is noteworthy that the previous generation i5 10600K processor achieved a higher result than the new processor in terms of multi-core! At 7002 points, which makes the results illogical. The following is a problem in the multi-core test because it is supposed to outperform the first-generation processor that succeeds it in performance, and here I mean it outperforms the i5 10600K

We remind you that the 11th generation Rocket Lake-S processors will be officially launched and available for purchase on March 15th and will work perfectly on the new motherboards with the Z590 chip.

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