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Owl cam unveiled a new $270 smart car camera that comes with infrared sensors for night recording, instead of the previously bright light.

The new is confirmation that the tumultuous story isn’t over yet The company was founded in 2018 as a manufacturer of innovative smart cameras equipped with LTE technology for the dashboard from (Andy Hodge) Andy Hodge, formerly responsible for iPad s at Apple.

The company faced a tumultuous launch, went out of business at the end of 2019, and was revived under the direction of the new owners, Callpass and Virgo, last year.

Owl cam 5.0 represents the latest version of the in-vehicle security system, which is a suite near the cloud that brings existing ones, such as taking pictures inside and outside the car, adding more You can post your videos for $20 a month or $192 a year. Shoot 160 hours of HD video.

And there is also the cloud-based name, which automatically captures videos, car situations, accidents, or any kind of problem happening to your car.

The camera acquires the infrared image sensors that appear inside the image, showing the image through the appearance of a visual snapshot and video recordings even if the car is surrounded by complete darkness

The sound in which the camera responds again, and saves, example, the following example

Fast Transfer to service has been developed, which is a Wi-Fi mode, Turn it on and off according to your need, it should be ready anytime.

Tagging In addition, the camera can call and automatically alert emergency services when an accident is detected, adding, monitoring, monitoring and coordinating the site and the mobile device

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