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Competition between major tech companies, skirmishes and media data is a regular thing in the tech milieu, and we see it a lot and it is not surprising, especially in Silicon Valley, but it seems that the competition between Apple and Facebook or more specifically between the two chief executives (Mark Zuckerberg) and (Tim Cook) is It is an out of the ordinary and has become what appears to be a more personal conflict than a conflict between two companies that have a direct link to more than two-thirds of the world’s population

Apple vs. Facebook

This conflict has appeared in public strongly, after Apple’s decision to include a new privacy feature in the iOS 14 version that requires application developers to request permission before tracking users across applications and websites, as this feature has shown that it will harm the company’s business model. Mainly Facebook.

As a result, Facebook CEO (Mark Zuckerberg) started an all-out war against Apple, using the slogan (free internet) as a weapon to him through ads in newspapers and launching a new website to show the impact of this feature on developers and emerging entrepreneurs While Apple will be the largest beneficiary, as the statement on the site clarified: The new tracking rules from Apple are about profit, not privacy, and we believe that Apple is acting in a noncompetitive way by using control of the App Store in a way that benefits its final profits at the expense of developers and small companies.

Hence, we find that this step is likely to have a real and tangible impact on Facebook’s business model, but the interesting thing is that Apple does not tell developers that they can not track users permanently, but rather that they only have to request permission first, but it seems that Mark Zuckerberg has only heard the second part

Thus, Facebook began a public battle to oppose this decision and try to influence to cancel this feature or at least change even part of its work, as in the past few months it began publishing full-page ads in major American newspapers, claiming that Apple attacks small companies It also informed investors that Apple is one of its biggest competitors, and has begun preparing to file an antitrust lawsuit targeting the Apple App Store.

These developments come after the Wall Street Journal revealed in a report published last week that (Mark Zuckerberg) had told his employees in 2018 that he needed to do harm to Apple. This is in response to a press interview with Apple CEO (Tim Cook) conducted in the same year in which he said: Apple will never be in this position when asked about Facebook’s controversial data collection practices after the details of the Cambridge Analytics scandal emerged.

Then we find ourselves faced with an important question, which is: Why does the seventh richest man in the world, who is only 37 years old, spend so much time attacking a company the size of Apple, which is considered the most valuable company in the world?

The answer is simple: because Apple may be the only voice saying (no) to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s non-public plan to take over the world or at least his plan to collect as much of your data and information as possible and use it to make profits.

Much may say that Apple’s move regarding the feature it wants to offer in the release of the operating system (iOS 14) iOS 14 during this year will also serve its interests, this is true, so any step that any company takes for the benefit of its users will definitely serve its own interests as well.

Then we will find that Apple will definitely benefit from including the new privacy feature as a competitive differentiating factor, which is part of the value the company provides to its customers, who are willing to buy it.

However, the constant attack may explain why the owner of Facebook has focused or (obsessed) with Apple, as every user of a Facebook product is either a customer of Apple or Google through the iOS or Android operating systems. In this sense, Facebook acts as an intermediary between users and any Third-party ads or services.

Where we find that Apple is the owner and developer of the iPhone and the operating system (iOS), and this means that it will set the rules according to its own interests, while on the other hand we find that Facebook does not have the same type of relationship because it depends on the device makers, and this puts it directly At the mercy of companies such as Apple and Google, they are obliged to follow their own rules, either compulsorily or voluntarily.

It seems that he does not receive any welcome from (Mark Zuckerberg), who has shown in many situations that he does not like the rules set by others because they directly conflict with his company’s Facebook business model.

This brings us to mention that the CEO of Facebook should consider a premise: that if his business model is threatened by the idea that users may choose not to let him track everything they do online, then his problem is with his business model, not Apple.

So instead of focusing (Mark Zuckerberg) and his company on competition, he should focus on improving Facebook’s products for the better, and t.

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