iphone 13 foldable

Apple started working on developing its first version of foldable iPhone phones, with today’s testimony, the first three-dimensional images that illustrate the design for this version

A public report published that Apple is planning to launch its first release of foldable iPhone phones in 2023, and today Jon Prosser confirmed in the leaks of our day that the day has already finished defining the design features of the iPhone folding phone or that supports almost a clamshell.

Prosser has confirmed that Fortress is introducing the first version of the first version of the X version

Apple has confirmed the emergency response, and it is foldable

Jon Prosser explained in his report that the foldable iPhone will be launched at a pricing level of approximately 1499, until it can reach $ 1,600.

A report published today revealed Apple’s plans to support the next generation of iPhone 13 phones with the Always-On feature in the screen

The latest details about the iPhone 13 series came via EverythingApplePro and Max Weinbach, as the leaks confirmed that Apple is on its way to support upcoming releases with the Always-On feature that has been presented in a lot of smartphones so far.

The leaks indicate that the iPhone 13 comes with a Samsung LTPO screen, which supports a 120Hz refresh rate, with the screen supporting the display of battery percentage and time around the clock.

The leaks also show that Apple plans to support showing notifications on a specific part of the screen with only this part of the screen lit

Also, the leaks indicate that Apple is planning to support iPhone 13 phones with a distinctive MagSafe magnet with a stronger design, to prevent accessories from slipping, on the other hand, previous leaks indicated that Apple is preparing to support the next versions in Astro-photography style in photography, which will work automatically when discovering stars or Space objects in the sky

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